Dr Oz: Protein Powder Guidelines & Shakeology Greenberry Contains Lead


Dr Oz: Does Protein Powder Help You Lose Weight?

Protein powders might promise to help you lose weight and build muscle, but have you ever wondered what is actually in them? The truth might be surprising, especially since Dr. Oz says they could actually be causing you more harm than good.

Dr Oz: Consumer Lab Protein Powder Study

Dr. Oz says his wife Lisa uses protein powder in her morning smoothie every single day and for good reason. They offer many advantages, including suppressing appetite, boosting energy, working fast and easy to digest, and convenient. Consumer Lab recently conducted a study into 16 popular protein powders, with the following criteria:

  1. Do the products contain the protein and other key nutrients that they claim to?
  2. Do they contain more fats, carbs, and cholesterol than listed on the label?
  3. Are they contaminated with heavy metals?

The results from the study were quite shocking, with several of the brands not delivering what they promise on the label.

Dr Oz: Shakeology Greenberry Protein Powder Contains Lead

Dr Oz: Protein Powder Guidelines & Shakeology Greenberry Contains Lead

Dr Oz shared his protein powder guidelines. They include making sure it contains 20 grams of protein per serving and to not use more than once per day.


  1. Stephen says

    Hello, I have a problem with this article, only based on what Powers are the best.
    ie.1) slim fast mentioned above, first ingredient, Sugar, Maltodextrin (filler with no nutritional value), Oil, Cellulose Gel, another filler, then we get into the protein, 1 protein, milk protein from contentrate, then soy. It also contains aspatame then artificial flavor.
    2) Atkins – Break – Stawberry – Banana – contains sucralose (artificial sweetner), Red and Blue dies, Natural and artificial flavors.
    3) Pure Protein, includes sucralose, Carrageenan, caramel color
    4) Muscletech – no ingrediant list available online
    5) ESO – Contains Carageenan

    Carageenan: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA401181/Is-Carrageenan-Safe.html
    Aspartame: Dr. Oz has done many spots on this sugar subsitute, but is not recommending a products that have Aspartame, I find this very contradicting.

    So based on these, I think someone has to come up with better definition of what is good.
    try this if you are going with 100% protein powder;

    On Shakeology, it is a full supplement and not a straight protein Powder. Also you should look at the amount of lead in the item and where it comes from. Don’t forget that Apples contain Arsenic, should we ban those.

    If you are looking for a straight protein Powder, no additives, no fillers, no artificial flavours, nothing but 100% protein you should try the following:
    North Coast Naturals:

  2. Cherylyn Morgan says

    Here is the updated Beachbody statement:
    Greenberry Shakeology – Consumer Labs
    Published 06/14/2013 04:15 PM | Updated 02/19/2014 07:57 AM
    What is Beachbody’s response to the Consumer Labs report (posted 6/11/13), where they have declared that Shakeology Greenberry is ‘not approved’ according to their standards, due to lead contamination?

    Thank you for your question. Consumer Labs raises a “concern” but unfortunately, while they seek to inform consumers, they may be actually misleading consumers by not distinguishing between harmful heavy metals and those that are naturally occurring in plants, vegetables and minerals (including naturally occurring lead). In fact, it is specifically because Beachbody uses whole-food plant based natural ingredients in products like Shakeology, rather than synthesizing a product in a lab ,that it does include naturally occurring heavy metals along with the countless other benefits nature provides. Most of the fruits, vegetables and herbs we consume every day, even when organically grown and picked right out of the ground, also contain various levels of naturally occurring lead. It is very important to note that Beachbody never adds any heavy metals to any of its products and that we strictly follow good manufacturing practices to make sure that we are always delivering on our promise to our Coaches and customers in only creating programs and products, including Shakeology and all of our other supplements, which help people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

    We are aware that Consumer Labs appeared on Dr. Oz today to discuss its report on protein powders. The report was based on a Consumer Labs study in June of 2013 which analyzed a prior version of Greenberry Shakeology. As part of it is continuous drive to always improve its products, Beachbody had already updated its Greenberry Shakeology formula prior to Consumer Labs even conducting its study. The current formula greatly improves many of the benefits of Shakeology, and also greatly reduced all of the naturally occurring heavy metals. Beachbody never has and never would add any heavy metals in creating its supplements. As we have pointed out, lead and other heavy metals that are naturally occurring are found in the earth’s soil, its oceans, rainwater and its air and have been present since the earth was created. A glass of Shakeology has far less lead than a serving of organic spinach or Brussels sprouts, and in fact, you could drink 15 glasses of Shakeology a day and still be under the guidelines established by the FDA and World Health Organization. The safety of Beachbody’s products and health of our customers are our highest priority and we are extremely proud of Shakeology and how it is helping countless people look and feel better every single day.

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