Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Diabetes Diagnosis & Gastric Bypass Surgery


Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Diabetes

While many of us were watching the hit reality show American Idol, one of the show’s judges was fighting a battle with his health. Randy Jackson, the show’s most veteran judge, has struggled with his weight for much of his life, but nothing could prepare him for the shocking diagnosis of diabetes. He is on The Dr Oz Show today to talk openly about the diagnosis and what he has been doing since to take control of his health and, ultimately, his life.

Dr Oz: Randy Jackson “Addicted to Food”

Randy Jackson says that growing up in the south, there was always butter, salt, and sugar added to just about everything that he was fed. It was a way of making foods taste good, especially vegetables. Randy says that when he made to the move from living in the south to Los Angeles, he was living a very sedentary lifestyle and it did not take long before he weighed 355 pounds. Randy Jackson admits that his relationship with food was very unhealthy as he was addicted to it, but he was not sure how to change it.

Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Blood Sugar Over 500

Randy Jackson Diabetes

Randy Jackson says that getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes was a huge wake-up call to change his life and get healthy.


  1. lydia burnett says

    Big congratulations shout out to Randy, u look AWESOME!!! Yaaaah..:-) IHey desperate seeking to talk to Randy Jackson…i was diagnosed with type II diabetes 2months after my father died from diabetes complications. I have had gastric bypass ru-n-y….but am suffering major complications more than ever in fact my doctors thinking of putting a feeding tube in. I also suffer from major hypoglycemia issues. Yeah gastric bypass is definitely not easy way out, but I did decide 3 years ago also to have the surgery ..i was 394 and now I’m 255..though I’m healthier, I’m sicker than ever before…call if u can, would love to chat

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