Dr Oz Recharge Plan: Brewer’s Yeast, 30mg Zinc Lozenge & Brazil Nuts

By on October 26, 2012

Dr Oz Recharge Plan

Are you feeling tired, worn down, unable to concentrate, not sticking to your diet? Well, this is the hour for you. It is Dr. Oz’s Super Power Hour and he is going to tell you how to recharge your body 5 Ways in 5 Days! Don’t you want to feel better than you have ever felt before? Well, Doctor Oz says to start your recharge on the day you feel the most tired and on the following days continue adding new solutions until you have the perfect daily combination to keep your energy up. Check out the Dr Oz Recharge essentials for your body.

Dr Oz Recharge Your Body: Astragalus Review

Dr. Oz was joined by a woman name Angelina. Angelina shared what many people often share. She is a mom to three children and expresses she is always chasing them around, driving them to sports, or just cleaning up after them at home. Much of her energy is drained on the weekend, she says, so come Monday she is feeling the most tired of any day of the week.

Astragalus -Dr. Oz recommends a supplement called Astragalus for the first day of your recharge. He promises it will give you energy in many unique ways. There is a special chemical in Astragalus that slows down the aging process where it matters the most, in our cells. As we age, we can see the outside effects of aging, but we often don’t get a glimpse of what is happening inside at the cellular level.

Dr Oz Recharge Plan: Brewer's Yeast, 30mg Zinc Lozenge & Brazil Nuts

Dr Oz says if you take 200 mg of Astragalus two times a day you will slow down the aging process and feel more energized.

Astragalus works to allow our DNA strands to get longer. Dr. Oz recommends taking 200mg of Astragalus twice a day to slow down that aging process and be on your way to feeling more energized and look more youthful.

Dr. Oz: Brewer’s Yeast Review

Brewer’s Yeast – Brewer’s Yeast has chromium in it which is well known for keeping blood sugar levels stabilized. It comes in powder form and Dr. Oz suggests sprinkling 1 to 2 tablespoons a day on any food that you eat. One of his favorites is popcorn, and he adds it will give you the added energy boost you need and the kids will even like it, too.

Dr. Oz Energy Plan: Papaya Juice Papain Enzyme

Papaya Juice – Papaya Juice has an enzyme in it called papain, which is why Dr. Oz recommends drinking the juice rather than eating the fruit for that much needed energy boost we all want. The papain in Papaya Juice allows us to harvest the energy from foods that we are digesting. When we are younger, this isn’t as much of an issue as it is as we get older. Drinking the Papaya Juice will work to help to us all of the energy we need from the food that we are eating.

Dr Oz Recharge Energy: Brazil Nuts Magnesium

Brazil Nuts – Brazil Nuts have magnesium, gives you much required energy. They are big and bold so you only need to eat one or two to get the daily amount necessary. Dr. Oz says they are an especially good choice because they are so portable.

You can take them with you if you leave home, have them in your desk at work, or stored in a cupboard at home. Brazil Nuts have a long shelf life and are a simple way to get you those key important elements to stabilize your blood sugar.

Dr Oz Zinc Deficiency: 30mg Zinc Lozenge

A viewer complains that over the years food has always tasted good to her, but it just is not the same anymore. She says she is at the point she can barely taste a thing and would like to know if there is a way to super charge her taste buds. Dr. Oz says that losing your sense of taste is one of the first signs of a zinc deficiency. He recommends taking 30 MG of Zinc lozenges a day to supercharge your sense of taste and smell.

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