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Dr Oz: How The Stella Family Lost 500 Lbs

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced the Stella family. They were all obese and literally killing themselves with their diet. One day, they decided enough was enough and lost 560 lbs, transforming their bodies and health forever.

George, the dad, weighed in at over 300 lbs, had congestive heart failure and had to use a wheelchair.



  1. bill berdan says

    Dr.OZ, I’am trying to lose weight,seeing the stella family gives us hope ,could’nt find link
    for his book or recipes. I ‘am regular viewer of program , could you do more programs
    on anxeity attacks, and panic attacks., asmy wife suffering from this ,I’ve help much as
    can, any help is weclomed. bill berdan

  2. says

    He should at least have given us one recipe so we would know if we liked this type of flour or not. Pancakes sounds like an easy one he could have shared.

  3. says

    Hi! Doctoroz.com was a little slow getting all my recipes that we wanted to share with you up online..BUT they are there now!!! 🙂 Just click on the Recipes link at the top of his homepage and the top 8 or so are all from our new book! The pics are not ours and are just stock photos they used, but believe me, we do not use macaroni or flour or anything that you might see in the pic. The recipe ingredients will tell you exactly what’s in it and we never use white stuffs! Hope you enjoy tham and there are tons of free recipes of mine everywhere including at foodnetwork website where I used to have my cooking show “Low Carb and Lovin’ It” just search my name under recipes. Happy Eating! George Stella

  4. says

    Thanks for clarifying that the pics were not yours ! I saw the photos of mac and cheese / lasagna and immediately navigated away since I could clearly see the pasta. Going back now to revisit and give them a try.

  5. Cilean Stirling says

    I cooked the Anaheim Shrimp Scampi tonight, I made both shrimp and chicken, and we really enjoyed it! I can’t find the book from the family though.

  6. says

    Hi, our new book (#5) is: George Stella’s “Still Livin’ Low Carb; A Lifetime of Low Carb Recipes” is available at our website or Amazon , QVC and even Ebay. Simply go to stellastyle.com and the newest book is front and center–just click to order! Hope this helps and Happy Low Carb Cookin AND eatin” Your Friends, George and Rachel Stella

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