Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease & Avocados Improve Liver


Dr Oz: Spinach Improves the Health Of Your Kidneys

Dr. Oz shared his longevity prescription to help you add years to your life while preventing deadly diseases! His advice included drinking a beer every day and taking low-dose aspirin, but he had many more recommendations to help you get healthy and live longer!

Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease

Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease & Avocados Improve Liver

Dr Oz said you can add years to your life and improve the health of your heart by eating tomato paste every day!


  1. D. Sarnoff says

    4 FOUR tablespoons (TABLEspoons ! )of tomato PASTE per DAY !!!
    That’s an awful lot of tomato PASTE to eat in a day nevermind EVERY DAY. Surely this is a mistake !!! TEAspoons POSSIBLY, but not TABLESPOONS. I think Dr. OZ mispoke. I can’t believe he meant say what he did which has been repeated here on the website !!!!!!!!

  2. Jeanne Donaldson says

    4 TABLESPOONS of tomato PASTE per DAY ! Really ? REALLY :-O
    I don’t think so !!! No one is going to eat THAT MUCH PASTE EVERY DAY. !!!
    Every WEEK perhaps, but not every DAY !! Or maybe u meant TEAspoons everyday ?
    THAT is DOABLE, but TABLESPOONS. NO WAY ! I think someone messed up the teleprompter.

  3. Jeanne Donaldson says

    @ IRMA. U r on the wrong page. U r on the FAN.page ! U need to go to DOCTORoz.com to find the 3 Day Detox.

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