Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease & Avocados Improve Liver

By on March 6, 2013

Dr Oz: Spinach Improves the Health Of Your Kidneys

Dr. Oz shared his longevity prescription to help you add years to your life while preventing deadly diseases! His advice included drinking a beer every day and taking low-dose aspirin, but he had many more recommendations to help you get healthy and live longer!

Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease

Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease & Avocados Improve Liver

Dr Oz said you can add years to your life and improve the health of your heart by eating tomato paste every day!

Dr. Oz said that regardless of the unhealthy habits you have had in the past, like smoking cigarettes, you can still add years to your life and see benefits in as little as six weeks after removing those habits from your life. He said that by making positive changes and eating certain foods you can improve your health and longevity.

  • Four tablespoons of tomato paste a day – This will improve your health and help prevent heart disease while lowering your cholesterol.

Dr Oz: Calcium Improves Kidney Function

Dr. Oz said that while many people think kidney stones are caused by calcium, this actually is not true. He explained eating the right kinds of calcium can actually improve your kidney function and add years to your life!

  • Get 1,200 MG of calcium a day – Eat leafy green vegetables, like kale and spinach, to keep your kidneys healthy and strengthen your bones.

Dr Oz: Prevent Lung Cancer Eat Pomegranate Seeds

Did you know your lungs are responsible for about 20,000 breaths every single day? Dr. Oz said that as we get older our lung function begins to slow down, but there is a food that can actually slow the growth of lung cancer and improve the health of your lungs!

  • Eat one cup of pomegranate seeds per day – fresh or frozen

Dr Oz: Avocados Improve Liver Function

The liver is possibly the most important organ in your body because it has more than 500 functions to perform! Dr. Oz said this is why it is so crucial to keep your liver healthy, especially because it works so hard to detoxify your body and blood.

  • Eat two avocados per week to improve the health of your liver.

Dr. Oz said that we can turn around the health of all of our organs by making a few healthy changes, which will also lead to living a longer life!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease & Avocados Improve Liver

  1. D. Sarnoff says:

    4 FOUR tablespoons (TABLEspoons ! )of tomato PASTE per DAY !!!
    That’s an awful lot of tomato PASTE to eat in a day nevermind EVERY DAY. Surely this is a mistake !!! TEAspoons POSSIBLY, but not TABLESPOONS. I think Dr. OZ mispoke. I can’t believe he meant say what he did which has been repeated here on the website !!!!!!!!

  2. Jeanne Donaldson says:

    4 TABLESPOONS of tomato PASTE per DAY ! Really ? REALLY :-O
    I don’t think so !!! No one is going to eat THAT MUCH PASTE EVERY DAY. !!!
    Every WEEK perhaps, but not every DAY !! Or maybe u meant TEAspoons everyday ?
    THAT is DOABLE, but TABLESPOONS. NO WAY ! I think someone messed up the teleprompter.

  3. Irma Cordero says:

    I am looking for the 3 Day Detox , I cannot find it

  4. Jeanne Donaldson says:

    @ IRMA. U r on the wrong page. U r on the FAN.page ! U need to go to DOCTORoz.com to find the 3 Day Detox.

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