Dr Oz: Sambal Oelek, Spiral Vegetable Slicer & Skinny Barbecue Sauce


Dr Oz: Chef’s Skinny Secrets Revealed

Did you ever wonder how chefs stay skinny even though they’re around all that delicious food? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Chefs, Ming Tsai, Gail Simmons, and John Besh, to reveal their hidden secrets on how they keep their weight down with things like Sambal Oelek Paste, Wakame Salad, a Skinny Barbecue Sauce Recipe, a Spiral Vegetable Slicer, a Skinny Salad Dressing Recipe, and a Healthy Popcorn Recipe. Find out the kitchen gadget one top chef uses to help keep off the pounds. Could these secrets work for you? And you should checkout the healthy recipes these chefs selected as their favorites on Dr Oz’s Calorie Cutting Challenge!


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