Dr Oz: Billy Blanks Jr. 21 Day Summer Slimdown & Metabolism Drink


Dr Oz: 21 Day Summer Slimdown Plan

Are you ready to lose weight and get thin now that summer is right around the corner? Is so, Dr. Oz’s next guests have a 21 day plan to help you slim down and burn up to 1,000 calories per hour! One is the son of a well-known fitness expert and the other is his wife who has been performing on Broadway since she was three-years-old! They are Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks and they are the fat-fighting couple taking the diet world by storm!

Billy Blanks Jr. & Sharon Catherine Blanks Fitness Team

Billy Blanks Jr. says he knew from a very young age that working in fitness would become a part of his life. He told Dr. Oz the inspiration came from watching people transform their bodies and their lives and it was a big reason he wanted to be a part of the fitness world and watch firsthand as people made positive changes. His wife, Sharon Catherine Blanks, says she believes being a husband/wife team has made them more relatable because so many couples often start an exercise plan together and she and Billy enjoy helping them work through it together.



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