Dr Oz: Companies Use Kosher Salt To Cause a Flavorburst In Your Mouth


Dr Oz: Holy Grail Of Unhealthy Food

Dr. Oz and investigative reporter Michael Moss discussed Michael’s book Salt Sugar Fat, which reveals the dirty secrets the food industry does not want you to know. Dr. Oz explained the similarities between cocaine addiction and processed food addiction and how they both affect your brain and cause you to keep going back for more!

Dr Oz: Kosher Salt Causes “Flavorburst” In Your Mouth

Michael Moss argued that salt is the food industry’s most “magical” ingredient because it solves so many problems for them. Salt can add shelf life to their products, it adds crunch to crackers and it gives foods a terrific “flavorburst” in that first bite. What is most fascinating is the increased use of kosher salt by many food companies, according to Michael Moss, because it is larger and shaped differently than regular table salt and sticks to foods better. Kosher salt is also hollow on the inside which makes more room for saliva to make contact and in turn sends a powerful message to the brain to eat more of that food. Dr. Oz said that we need to turn this off because it is causing us to become addicted to the ingredients in unhealthy processed foods.

Dr Oz: What is Warmed-Over Flavor “WOF?”

Investigative reporter and author of the new book Salt Sugar Fat Michael Moss explained the concept of warmed-over flavor (WOF), which is how a food tastes that has been cooked before it was packaged and then needs to be cooked again before you can eat it at home. That flavor is not at all pleasant, so food companies use high amounts of salt to mask the flavor, making the product taste better to you and leaving you wanting more.

Dr Oz: What is “Mouthfeel?”

What is Mouthfeel?

Michael Moss explained the concept of “mouthfeel,” which is how your mouth feels when you eat fatty foods and actually controls how your mouth sees the world.


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