Dr Oz GMO Food Labeling & GMO Foods and Pesticide Use


Dr Oz: GMO Food Labeling

Dr Oz GMO Food Labeling & GMO Foods and Pesticide Use

Dr Oz say pesticides are used more heavily to produce GMO foods, which have a negative impact on your health.

Today is an important episode of the Dr. Oz Show that you cannot afford to miss! He is fighting for the health and safety of your family, which is why he conducted an investigation into the use of GMO’s and why companies do not want you to know what is really in the foods you buy most.

Dr Oz: What are GMOs?

Most of us have heard of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and their use in the manufacturing of foods and most of us also want to see those foods labeled as such, but companies are fighting back and trying to prevent that from happening. Dr. Oz says GMOs hit the food industry over 20 years ago and have brought controversy and criticism almost every step of the way. Many people simply want to know what is in the foods they buy so they can make the best decision for their family, but the food industry is trying to prevent the mandatory labeling from happening.

Dr Oz: GMOs and Pesticide Use

Dr. Oz says many of us are confused about GMOs because we are often not sure which foods contain them and which ones do not, so what is a consumer to do? He explains it is nearly impossible to avoid GMOs since they are found in about 70% of all foods at the grocery store and what concerns Dr. Oz the most is the use of pesticides in the production of foods containing GMOs. He explains that farmers began using more and more pesticides on GMO crops due to a resistance build-up, which can then have a serious impact on our health. Dr. Oz says that when asked, most people want see GMO foods labeled. As a matter of fact, a recent survey showed that 93% of Americans want to see that labeling.



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