Dr Oz: Michael Moss “Salt Sugar Fat” Review & What Is a Bliss Point?


Dr Oz: What Is Craveability?

Dr. Oz is revealing the shocking information that investigative reporter Michael Moss uncovered while researching the food industry. The “Big Food Cover-Up” is happening and the biggest food companies do not what you to hear what Michael Moss has to say, but this is information you need to hear so you can keep your family healthy!

Dr Oz: Are Salt, Sugar & Fat Addictive?

Investigative reporter Michael Moss said the food industry could not exist without salt, sugar and fat. He believes their number one goal is to create products that are alluring and attractive to keep the consumer coming back for more. Michael’s investigation of the food industry spanned several years and includes over 81 million pages of information that these big companies do not want you to see. He said that while the original goal of many food companies was to provide packaged foods that were affordable for consumers to feed their families, it is possible they have gone too far by causing those people to want more and more of the unhealthiest processed foods.

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