Dr Oz: Packaged Food Guidelines & How To Avoid Artificial Ingredients


Dr Oz: Avoid High Fructose Corn Sugar

What would Dr. Oz think of the foods you are putting in your shopping cart?  A few brave fans let him watch via hidden camera and he definitely had some advice to offer about how they could make better choices the next time they go shopping for groceries.

Dr Oz: Packaged Food Rules

Dr. Oz wanted to see what some of his viewers were putting into their shopping carts while at the grocery store, so he put in a hidden camera and watched as they walked up and down the aisles of the supermarket. He definitely saw some good choices, but he was a bit disappointed in some others so he invited the shoppers to his show to talk about their choices. One woman admitted to purchasing a lot of packaged foods because they are quick and easy, especially since her husband works all the time and she has a toddler to chase around all day long. Dr. Oz definitely understands that we all have busy lives so he offered some guidelines for when you purchase packaged foods.


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