Dr Oz: Zinc, Vitamin C & Stress-Fighting Foods Lower Cortisol Levels


Dr Oz: Tips to Fight Stress Naturally

Dr. Oz shared his Thyroid Disease Symptom Checklist to help you figure out what is really going on with your health and now he had a few tips to help you reduce your stress by adding certain foods to your diet!

Dr Oz: Stress-Fighting Foods

Dr Oz: Stress-Fighting Foods & Tips to Lower Cortisol Levels

While many people believe oranges are the best source of Vitamin C, Dr Oz says kiwi are actually a better option! They even help to relieve your stress!



  1. Marion Read says

    I recently travelled overseas with my husband for a month and found the whole experience very stressful. As well as long haul flights and mistakes made re connections we stayed mostly with different relatives and drove around ourselves. We got lost often in the car and my back which is normally ok has been in pain for weeks. We are both suffering from severe jet lag now we are back and l have broken out in cold sores. Any suggestions dr re getting my health back on track. Thanks

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