Dr. Oz’s 10 Second Kitchen Solutions, Dishwashers & Cleaning Grease


Dr. Oz: 10 Second Solutions For The Kitchen

Dr. Oz talked about 10 second solutions to improve the kitchen. He talked to Sue Perry, deputy editor for Shop Smart Magazine, about the importance of keeping the kitchen in order. Sue Perry said that the kitchen should be clean because it’s where we prepare our food. It’s also the hub of the house, where people drop the mail and their backpacks and the kids do their homework. It’s more of a challenge to keep clean then other places.

Dr. Oz: Dishwasher Organizing

Dr. Oz's 10 Second Kitchen Solutions, Dishwashers & Cleaning Grease

Dr. Oz talked about 10-second solutions for cleaning the kitchen, including cleaning grease from the top of the refrigerator, doing dishes in the dishwasher, and cleaning microwaves. (mangostock / Shutterstock.com)


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