Dr Oz: Tips to Boost Your Memory & Word Game Brain Exercise


Dr Oz: Tips to Boost Your Memory

Dr Oz: Tips to Boost Your Memory & Word Game Brain Exercise

Dr Oz says Pumpkin Seeds contain magnesium, which makes them a wonderful food to eat if you want to improve your memory and sharpen your mind!

Dr. Oz’s Assistant of the Day was excited to join him on stage to talk about ways you can sharpen your brain to boost your memory for years to come. Dr. Oz says we all want to remember special times in our lives rather than forget them because forgetting could be a sign of Dementia and none of us wants to worry about that.

Dr Oz: Play Matching Games to Strengthen Your Brain

Just like a muscle that does not get any exercise, the brain begins to deteriorate if it is not exercised regularly. Dr. Oz says that is why we need to work our brains and there are several fun and easy ways to do that!

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