Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Dosing Guidelines & Does Holding It In Cause UTI?

By on April 24, 2013

Dr Oz: Frequent Urination Sign Of Diabetes?

Do you consider yourself a pretty healthy person? Do you take good care of yourself by eating right and getting plenty of exercise? Are there times when you wonder if you are making a mistake and possibly putting your health at risk? On today’s Dr. Oz Show find out if your biggest health mistakes are bad for your or if there is no need to worry!

Dr Oz: Is It Dangerous To Take Too Much Acetaminophen?

Dr. Oz brought in a panel of medical experts to help answer your most confusing questions about the health mistakes you are making. Could your mistakes be bad for you?

Is taking more than the recommended dose of acetaminophen bad for you? Dr. Oz’s three guests all agree this habit is dangerous and risky. Dr. Oz says over 78,000 people end up in the E.R. every year due to an acetaminophen overdose and it is also the number one cause of liver failure in the United States. Dr. Keri Peterson believes many people misuse the over-the-counter drug because it is usually considered safe and mild, so they think they can take a few extra to relieve their symptoms. She says you are at an even higher risk for liver damage if you take acetaminophen while drinking alcohol, so the two should never be combined.

Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Dosing Guidelines

Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Dosing Guidelines & Does Holding It In Cause UTI?

Dr Oz says it is important to follow the dosing instructions exactly as they are listed on the label of acetaminophen products because taking too much increases your risk for liver damage and even death.

Dr. Oz explained how important it is to take acetaminophen safely in order to protect yourself from harm and potential liver damage. Tylenol, a leading maker of acetaminophen products, recently went so far as to lower their maximum daily dose from 4,000 MG to 3,000 MG, so make sure you are following these important safety guidelines the next time you reach for a bottle of pills.

  • Follow instructions on the label exactly as directed
  • Never combine with another remedy that also contains acetaminophen because you could take more than the recommended daily amount.

Dr Oz: Is It Safe To Wear a Panty Liner Every Day?

Is wearing a panty liner in your underwear every day a bad idea? Dr. Jessica Shepherd says her biggest concern with this question is how often are you changing the panty liner? Dr. Shepherd explained it is very important for that area of a woman’s body to stay as dry as possible in order to prevent any bacterial growth from occurring. She says if you must wear a panty liner every day it is important to change it every four hours.

Dr Oz: Does Holding In Urine Cause a UTI?

I frequently need to urinate, but often have the urge to hold it in. Is that bad? Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist, says this is a risky habit because frequent urination could be a sign of a serious health condition like diabetes or a urinary tract infection. Dr. Fisch says holding in the urine can actually make a UTI worse and even damage the bladder muscle, so you should make sure you go to the bathroom when you need to and make sure you empty your bladder completely every time. The average number of times a person should be urinating in a day is 4-8 times.

Dr Oz: Should You Brush Your Teeth After Drinking Red Wine?

Is it bad to brush your teeth right after drinking wine? Dr. Keri Peterson says if you are concerned about red wine staining your teeth and have the urge to immediately brush them after drinking a glass, you could actually cause more problems than you are hoping to help. She explained that wine is acidic, which causes it to soften the enamel, so brushing too soon after drinking it could cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth and make you more susceptible to decay. Dr. Peterson recommends waiting 30-60 minutes before brushing your teeth after you drink a glass of wine, or eat anything acidic, because it takes that long for your saliva to neutralize the acid.

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