Dr. Oz: Antidepressant Addiction & Who Should Diagnose Depression?


Dr. Oz: Addicted to Antidepressants

Dr. Oz talked about an alarming statistic: 1 in 5 American women are now on antidepressants. Why? Are depression levels really that high or are they being overprescribed? Antidepressant prescriptions are up 400 percent from where they were two decades ago. They’re now the third most common prescription drug used by Americans, and women are more than twice as likely to take them.

Dr. Oz: Should You Take Antidepressants?

Dr. Oz: Antidepressant Addiction & Who Should Diagnose Depression?

Are doctors over-prescribing antidepressants? Dr. Oz looked at the alarming increase in prescription over the past two decades and the reasons behind it. (Marius Pirvu / Shutterstock.com)



  1. says

    Dr. Oz
    Will you ever do a REAL show on the dangers of taking antidepressants. This subject matter needs more than a ten minute vague conversation. As you said antidepressant use is up 400%! Do you understand the horror that is taking place in American homes! You can’t just have some psychiatrist come on and say there are significant side effects to taking these drugs. Society needs to know what CAN and DOES happen. Diabetes, dysfunction, loss of empathy, loss of impulse control, cognitive disorders, obesity, hypertension, dependence, akathsia, heart disease, just to name some of the side effects.

    Then there’s the serious adverse events in withdrawal. Brain zaps, insomnia, severe body pain, somnolence, mania, increased depression, delusions, anxiety, psychosis, paranoia, violence, homicide and suicide.

    Since this show was directed towards women, there was no mention of pregnant women taking antidepressants and birth defects some so severe baby is not viable.

    We all know why so many people are seeking out the ‘happy’ pill and that is the direct to consumer advertising on TV by the pharmaceutical industry! They are being lead to believe these are ‘safe’ and ‘effected’ treatments for all life’s problems and there not!

    You had two women on to talk about this ‘hot button’ issue. One who mentioned having NO feelings at all and the other using them to be able to raise her children and live life without a spouse. This show was not good enough for what you say is a serious issue going on in America today. People deserve honesty about this billions of dollars a year drug. You didn’t offer anyone a honest look at this drug and all the devastating problems that arise from using them. If I didn’t know the truth about antidepressants your program wouldn’t have educated me at all.

    Also, not a word about tapering of the right way. Doctors think you can taper in a few weeks and even cold turkey off this drug. To lessen the insult to the brain, CNS it should be done very slow.

    Dr. Oz the oath doctors take: First Do No Harm. Please if your going to do a show on antidepressants do it honestly, put people and families who have been devastated by this drug on. Put Doctors, psychiatrist, PhDs, researchers, patients on who know the other side of antidepressants.


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