Dr Oz: Criteria For Diagnosing ADHD & How To Get Adderall Prescription


Dr Oz: Criteria For Diagnosing ADHD

Dr. Oz talked with parents who lost their son because of his deadly addiction to Adderall after being misdiagnosed with ADHD. They shared their story of helplessness as they tried to get help for him, but were turned away by doctors who cited patient/doctor confidentiality. They also discussed the guidelines for prescribing Adderall along with the startling number of college and high school students who are taking Adderall so they can study longer and perform better on tests.

Dr Oz: Is Adderall Safer Than Aspirin?

Dr. Ned Hallowell, an ADHD expert, told Dr. Oz that Adderall is a very safe drug when used appropriately, but when it is not used properly Adderall is extremely dangerous. He added that when prescribing medications, especially a controlled substance, great care has to be taken because you are literally playing with fire. Dr. Hallowell compared Adderall to Aspirin when he said that both are safe when they are taken properly, but when they are not, they can both lead to suicide. Dr. Oz adamantly disagreed with Dr. Hallowell’s comparison saying that a person cannot become addicted to Aspirin like they can with Adderall, especially the young people who are taking it to perform better in school. Dr. Hallowell expressed that Dr. Oz is definitely correct in that fact and he believes that the increased cases of Adderall addiction are deplorable and they need to be fixed.

Dr Oz: Adderall As Addictive As Cocaine

Dr Oz: Criteria For Diagnosing ADHD & How To Get Adderall Prescription

Dr Oz shared the FDA’s recommendation that Adderall be included on the same list as Cocaine because both drugs are equally addictive.

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