Dr Oz Impressions & Awkward Family Photos: Laughter Workout

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Dr Oz Impressions & Awkward Family Photos: Laughter Workout

By on September 13, 2012

Dr Oz: Awkward Family Photos

Earlier in the show, Dr Oz talked about a family’s YouTube back waxing video. Apparently his Internet research didn’t stop there, because he made it to the Awkward Family Photos website. If you haven’t seen it, it is where awful group shots of families in matching costumes, dated backgrounds, or compromising poses can be found and mocked.

Dr Oz even shared his own Awkward Family Photo from a Halloween many years ago. With that icebreaker out of the way, he had audience members share their own embarrassing photos to reveal surprises about their health.

Dr Oz: Tanning Bed Addiction

Dr Oz Impressions & Awkward Family Photos

Dr Oz featured some of the best parodies and impressions he’s seen of himself, along with some Awkward Family Photos. (lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

Michelle admitted that her tanning bed addiction was less “healthy glow” and more “Tan Mom.” The picture made he realize that her habit was out of control, but she did go one more time after her realization. She did have to break the habit, and a Dr Oz segment on tanning bed dangers finally helped her seal the deal.

Dr Oz: Bride Loses 100 Pounds

Tricia also brought in a bad picture from her bridal shower. Someone gave her gigantic granny panties, but the photo was a wake up call that helped her decide to get in shape and lose some weight. “It helped to spark over 100 pound weight loss,” she said. Good for her!

To achieve her goals, she joined a body boot camp class and changed her diet. Now she keeps the photo out of sight, in case she ever needs a reminder of her inspiration.

Dr Oz Impressions: Do Your Best Dr Oz

Dr Oz has been lampooned on Saturday Night Live and local newscasts, as well as on YouTube. He collected your favorite Dr Oz parodies from people of all ages, many of which were set in the bathroom.

He chose his favorite impression, which was a woman who rattled off tea solutions for every health problem. Darrell from New Jersey said she has been impersonating Dr Oz for a few years, mostly during commercial breaks.

Dr Oz: Laughter Workout

She got the chance to do the real thing and close out the show by reading Dr Oz’s teleprompter for the day’s final tip. She and Dr Oz revealed that 100 laughs a day is the equivalent of 15 minutes on an exercise bike. It works the diaphragm, shoulders and abs.

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