Dr Oz: What Makes Farts Stink? Why Does Passing Gas Make Noise?

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Dr Oz: What Makes Farts Stink? Why Does Passing Gas Make Noise?

By on September 13, 2012

Dr Oz Uncensored: Passing Gas

Dr Oz has made a career of confronting embarrassing medical questions, and he’s become known as the man with all the answers about everything from extra lactating nipples to back waxing and nosebleeds. But his staff surprised him in this special segment to address his own big TMI health problem.

Dr Oz’s Embarrassing Health Issue

Dr Oz got to watch the tape his staff put together as a medical intervention. Though the staff had polite things to say on the whole, there is one thing they all needed to get off their chests. “Dr Oz has the worst smelling gas,” they admitted.

It seems that the staff universally agrees that it’s out of control, and they suggest that his healthy diet could be to blame. Dr Oz was laughing at the tape, and no one knew how to bring it up. His wife told us last spring that this is a huge issue at home as well, so I guess it’s not a very well kept secret.

Dr Jonathan LaPook: Dr Oz’s Bad Farts

Dr Oz: What Makes Farts Stink?

Dr Oz’s staff turned him in for his silent but deadly gas. What makes farts stink? Why does passing gas make noise? Dr Oz got the answers.

The staff didn’t call him out for nothing. They also surprised him with a special guest, Dr Jonathan LaPook, whom you may have seen before on the CBS Evening News. He said Dr Oz’s staff begged him to come on and confront Oz. It turns out that Dr LaPook is actually Dr Oz’s personal internist and gastroenterologist. Do all the TV doctors just take care of one another in a secret club?

Dr Oz admitted that he does have bad gas, so Dr LaPook explained that this is the result of bacteria attached to undigested food. This is a speech we’ve heard Dr Oz himself give many times before. But Dr Oz got a taste of his own medicine when he had to learn via demonstration.

Dr Oz Farts: What Makes Farts Stink?

Dr LaPook didn’t beat around the bush, saying he uses the word “farts” in his practice because it makes people less embarrassed to talk about it, as if anything could embarrass the great and powerful Oz. Dr Oz said he thinks he farts 15-20 times per day, which his colleague said is actually normal.

As Dr LaPook wisely observed, no one cares how often you fart until it affects them. The reason farts can be “silent but deadly” is because of foods that create sulfurous gas. Those cruciferous veggies, as well as eggs, meat, and beer, are all culprits.

Dr LaPook had Dr Oz throw some of these foods in a contraption. It was then ground up and passed through a fake intestine, at which point he had Oz take a whiff of the end result, which was apparently quite pungent with sulfur. If you want to know what it’s like to work with Dr Oz, apparently you should just leave some eggs out in the sun for awhile.

Dr Oz: What Makes Farts Loud?

On to the other question: why do farts make noise? The answer is science. It has to do with volume and geometry, as illustrated via two whoopie cushions. Light pressure doesn’t produce much sound, but a more forceful push makes a clearer noise.

Dr Jonathan LaPook said if you can feel a fart coming on, you can escape to the other room. But you have to stay in the other room for a moment, or the fart will follow you back in.

Dr Oz: How To Outrun A Fart

Dr LaPook said you can wiggle and gyrate to help get the fart scent off your clothes. Then move away from the area of impact and shake it off once more before returning to your family or coworkers. Like the best Dr Oz segments, this has been gross but informative.

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