Dr Oz: Asian Chicken Salad & Salmon Cake Recipes with Lychee & Corn


Dr Oz: Inexpensive Gourmet Recipes from a Can

Think you can’t turn food from a can into a gourmet meal? Dr Oz was joined by Celebrity Chef, Chris Nirschel for ways to make a canned meal into a delicious dish for your entire family. (Trivia: Chris is currently dating Jersey Shore castoff, Angelina Pivarnick.)

Dr Oz: Salmon Cake Recipe




  1. Sharon says

    Can you please tell me the name of the pasta that Dr.Oz was talking about last week he said it only had one carb in it, It came in a bag. Pleae let me know thank you very much.


  2. Georgia Sommerville says

    On 3/26/2012 you had a recipe to eat each morning to help lose belly fat …I can’t find it on your site ??? You eat it for 5 mornings….Had avocado, wheat muffin , cheese and ??? Please help.. also suggested CLA which I ordered. Thank you for everything, Dr. Oz ….you help SO much. My weight is at a stand still and needs a jump start. Thanks Georgia

  3. Richard Boothe says

    Re Asian Chicken Salad, I’m not clear if “rice noodle package” means pad thai rice noodles, or pre-cooked or crispy rice noodles (which I can’t find). Cooking an 8-oz pad thai package made lots of rice noodles, and recipe was silent on cooking them first. Help, I’m confused.
    Re Salmon Cake, apparently some typos. Instructions silent on 2nd can of lychee; the dill goes in salmon cake, not chutney. Tastes great, anyway. Had I added lychee to the chutney as per ingredients list, I’d have had enough corn chutney and dressing to go with a double recipe of the salmon cakes.

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