Dr Oz: Mushroom Farro Risotto Recipe & Farro Vs Brown Rice Nutrition


Dr Oz: Farro vs Brown Rice

Dr. Oz says carbs are probably the most misunderstood food out there, so today he has one healthy carb he wants you to eat more often and even though it looks like rice, it is actually packed with more protein and loaded with nutrients.

Dr Oz: How Much Protein is in Farro?

Farro is full of protein and has a nice nutty flavor, which makes it a wonderful substitute for rice and that is why Dr. Oz wants you to add it to your next shopping list.

  • 1-cup serving of farro = 12 grams of protein (more than brown rice or quinoa)
  • 1-cup serving of farro = 10 grams of fiber (more than bulger and barley)
  • 1-cup serving of farro = 120 MG of magnesium (more than oatmeal)

Along with being loaded with these nutrients, farro also offers many health benefits including being a good muscle booster, controlling blood sugar, and improved nerve health.

Dr Oz: Farro Salad Recipe

Dr Oz: Mushroom Farro Risotto Recipe & Farro Vs Brown Rice Nutrition

Dr Oz shares how to buy and cook farro, plus a recipe for Mushroom Farro Risotto. (Andre Bonn / Shutterstock.com)


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