Dr Oz: Pizza Pockets, Skinny Dip & Cheesy Apple Sandwich Recipes


Dr Oz Snack Attack

Did you know that you could eat a snack before dinner and actually lose weight? In fact, Dr Oz suggests that you do so. On today’s show, Doctor Oz had his entire audience hold up a little brown bag containing one of his secret snacks that you can enjoy 1-2 hours before dinner in order to lose weight. You’ll find out what that snack is later (and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite late afternoon snack in the comments section below).


  1. Jess - female says

    The most helpful program on TV.

    I have a suggestion: Is it possible to encompass the concerns of senior citizens too?

    Dr. Oz is a very worthwhile person on this planet. Thank you Dr. Oz for your work and for sharing your deep perception of the human condition and extensive knowledge thereof with the world…Jess

  2. Rhonda Matthews says

    II am trying to sign up for the free lunch bag that they had on the Feb 17th show. thank you very much

  3. Rhonda Matthews says

    I am very interested in receiving this free lunch bag/tote that they had offered on the Feb 17th show.

  4. Denise says

    Where can you get blue potato chips. Went to three stores including our co-op and counldn’t find any.

  5. Linda says

    I want to know how to get the lunch bag. I watch your program every night and I love the receipes you have on them and I surely will try them to lose belly fat.

  6. Lillian Ranucci says

    February 17, 2012
    I want to know how to get the free snacks lunch bag. I searched online to apply but couldn’find where to send for it. .I watch your program everyday . I have learned so much from your show I tell all my Family & Friend to tune in on your show. I can’t brag enough about how educational & pleasurable it is.
    PLEASE REPLY ————— THANK YOU Lillian from Warwick RI

  7. Margaret R Dance says

    How can i get the free lunch bag with all the snack attack recipes.

  8. says

    I Watch your show alot and I’ve learned so much already!
    How may I receive your black lunch bag with recipes included.
    Also would like the popcorn recipe.
    Thank you for caring and sharing!

  9. Michelle Jackman says

    I really like some of the snack ideas that Dr. Oz comes up with. However, he uses ingredients that are hard to find and when you do find them they are so expensive that people like me can’t afford them. I wish he would come up with something for us poor people! I can’t find blue potato chips anywhere! I can order them off of Amazon for like $ 44 bucks per small bag or 88 cents an ounce. I can’t afford to pay that for some chips when I only pay around that for about 3 meals.

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