Sunny’s Kitchen on Dr Oz: Sunny Anderson’s Fruit Crunch Pie Recipe


Dr Oz: Sunny Anderson’s Sunny’s Kitchen Recipes

TV host Sunny Anderson, author of Sunny’s Kitchen, believes that you should enjoy dessert at the end of every meal and there are ways you can do it without ruining your entire diet. Sunny says her grandmother always had something sweet on the counter when she visited, so to this day she feels you can treat yourself to dessert without feeling guilty. Dr. Oz surprised Sunny Anderson by bringing her grandmother out on stage to help with some of her favorite dessert recipes.

Dr Oz: Sunny Anderson’s Fruit Crunch Pie Recipe

Sunny Anderson says there is nothing wrong with buying a pie crust at the store to save you a little time and energy. She also recommends sprinkling granola on top of this pie instead of a second crust because it is not only healthy, but tasty too.


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