Dr Oz: Dr Eric Pearl Energy Therapy Cures Cancer Heals Cerebral Palsy


Dr Oz: Reconnective Healing – Miracle Or Hoax?

Dr. Oz discussed a form of alternative medicine that has many medical providers feeling very skeptical. While some people believe in the power of Reconnective Healing, others are not so sure. See what Dr. Oz had to think about this controversial form of energy healing!

Dr Oz: Alternative Medicine Cures Cancer?

Dr. Oz said that Reconnective Healing is a controversial treatment method and one that many of his colleagues would never consider, but he believes it needs to be discussed. Eric Pearl, a Chiropractor, explained that Reconnective Healing is a form of energy medicine that he uses to heal patients who are suffering from wide range of health issues. He is adamant, however, that it is always recommend that patients continue with the medical treatment that they are receiving.


  1. says

    HI Dr. Oz,

    I so appreciate your interviewing Dr. Pearl. I was trained as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner after suffering from severe exhaustion and insomnia following my father’s death. I had tried everything I knew – massage, medication, relaxation exercises but nothing worked or had lasting effects. I went to see a new Internist, and she suggested I try Reconnective Healing. The exhaustion, which I had experienced for over a year, completely lifted after my second session and my sleep improved. I was trained as a Reconnectve Healing Practitioner shortly afterward. My clients consistently report improved sleep and feeling more calm and energized. One to three sessions are generally recommended.

  2. Gita Khadem says

    The Reconnection Healing works. I have been in the Seminar and I have seen the healing. Healing put the body out of its order back to its order. It is about light and energy healing. Many research has been done. Refer to The Field by Lynn McTaggert.

  3. says

    I am sceptical in nature. I read Eric’s book and was drawn to doing the seminars. I have no prior experience with any other modalities, but have experienced the most fantastic sessions with clients. When I say RH works – I do so because I have seen and clients have experienced healings – I’ve even had an occassion where their doctor was baffled (re-tested in hospital to double check on condition). My proof is “in my pudding” (personal experience) and nobody can take that away from me. Thank you Eric for bringing me to this Work.

  4. Michelle Holdaway says

    Having spent many disjointed and directionless years, I first read about Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection in a magazine called Kindred Spirit. I just knew that it was for me and decided to give it a go. Well, that changed my life. It was like my internal GPS woke up and started to work again. The whole world and its many opportunities suddenly became not only visible but tangible and possible. It was the major turning point in my life. Looking back now, I am so pleased, so very pleased that I followed this urge. I have trained in areas I never would have touched before, in fact I was running away from them. I now offer both the healing and the Reconnection in my practice and continue to have the healing myself. I would not be without it. The impossible became possible. Thank you!!

  5. Dan Parks says

    My father had reconnective healing done and it changed his life. He had chronic back problems for years and was constantly taking pain killers. A friend of his recommended RH and he decided to give it a chance even though he did not really believe it could work. He had 3 sessions done and has not taken a pain killer in 4 months. What my dad never told anyone was that for the past 18 months he had a slight tingling in his left leg due to a knee replacement. He told no one of this tingling. The tingling disappeared after the second session. I don’t understand how it works but it works.

  6. Wilma says

    Reconnective healing seems to be similar to Reiki healing which worked for me. Has ayone tried both types of healing? I’m curious to know what differences there are.

  7. Catarina says

    Wilma, the frequencies change between the system Reiki and Reconnective Healing. It’s like changing from analog to digital. The frequencies of Reconnective Healing been updated for our times.
    Love & Joy

  8. Steve E says

    I have been doing Reconnective Healing since 2003 and must say I witnessed amazing healings and it is not faith healing nor a placebo. I proved this when I did RH on my wife. She had two semi crippled hands for at least 5 years. She had synovitis in one hand and a trauma injury in the other with a noticeable lump on the back of her hand (I called it her turtle). She could only close her hands half way with stiffness and pain. We tried different Reiki masters, I even learned Reiki and worked on her but no luck. She lost faith in energy healing. After hearing Dr. Pearl on the radio and reading his book, I found out he was giving a seminar in Seattle. My wife didn’t want me going because she felt she didn’t get a healing from Reiki, so why would RH work. Well I took the 3 day seminar, came home late on Sunday, and immediately started working on my skeptical wife who politely allowed me to work on her. She didn’t see the pretty colors or feel an angelic presence like some people do, she actually felt nothing special. Her hands were still stiff and could not close. It was in the morning when I woke up with a nudge to my shoulder and woke up with 2 hands balled up into a fist in front of my face, opening and closing quickly with no pain nor any stiffness. My wife became a believer of RH that morning. The turtle on her hand was about 75% reduced. Days later it was totally gone. Now if this was a placebo or faith healing, how could this healing have happened when my wife was skeptical?

  9. Adriana says

    Funny every one is writing about their positive experience, where is the other side of the story?

  10. says

    What other side of the story?
    There’s no negative affects of Reconnective Healing. Worst case scenario, you just feel really relaxed from laying down on a massage table for a while.
    Quit trolling.

  11. Rick says

    All concerned,
    After spending 10 years in Afghanistan (from age 50 to 61) with associated bumps and bruises and limited health care available in that austere invironment, I returned home to find myself in long lines at the VA Hospital getting checked out and tested by many specialists.
    My blood chemistry was way out of wack, I had the beginnings of many degenerative diseases and was coughing up black phlegm from a decade of breathing the most polluted air in the world… Oh, and I spent the last two weeks of my Afghan adventure in a malitia prison sleeping on a slab of concrete where my heart quit beating for four days… Just fluttered.
    Tired of the waiting weeks between VA visits, I went to a Reconnective Healing practitioner…
    My stamina tripled after the second session and my blood chemistry normalized… And, my heart showed up better than 61 year old normal in the extensive array of tests the VA provided. Guess what? I am a practitioner of Reconnective Healing now… Ya have to share a gift like that!

  12. Mark says

    Rick… thank you for your service. That’s an extraordinary story.
    Glad to hear you’re in good health again. God bless.

  13. Rick says

    BTW… I am practicing in Cassadaga, FL now and have seen continued inprovement in my clients and myself…
    The name of Dr Pearl’s book is “The Reconnection; Heal others, Heal yourself”

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