Dr Oz: Blood Clot Symptoms & Tips to Prevent Blood Clots


Dr Oz: Does Sitting with Crossed Legs Lead to Blood Clots?

Dr. Oz has talked about blood clots on show before, but today he is discussing a simple habit that could lead to dangerous blood clots. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to talk about the habit and why it poses a risk to your health.

Dr Oz: Blood Clot Symptoms

Dr Oz: Blood Clot Symptoms & Tips to Prevent Blood Clots

Dr Oz discusses what causes blood clots, symptoms to look for, and how to prevent them in the first place.


  1. says

    Too bad I did know this information back on October 2013, as when I went to my MD I told him the same signs that were described above, but my doctor only told me to take 2 magnesium pills for the next 2 weeks and to come back to see him after that time if the pain is still there. Hello, by the time that was done, my blood clot started to travel up to my lungs and damaged the right side of my heart. I had a full blown Pulmonary Emblism and I went 1day from a morning lung specialist appointment to going to the Emergency Room the following afternoon. There are more signs before you get to the Emergency that you need to know. One is being out of breath and really can’t bread. I am a 55 year old women and all the doctors that treated me in the hospital were very surprised to see a young women of my age with this conduction. I just want to thank every one of my family members and my friends that prayed for me before I was told that I almost went to heaven. All my prays were answered thank you for letting me live. If you want to know more, please contact me for more information, I want to save another person’s life just the way everyone’s prays have helped me. Thank you. I survived a Pulmonary Emblism. Albberta

  2. Karen says

    Hi Alberta,
    How did the Doctors treat it at the hospital and what are you doing for it since then?

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