Dr Oz: Extreme Anorexia & Magnolia Creek Treatment Center


Dr Oz: 56-Pound Anorexic Woman

Dr. Oz sits down with Stacy, a 43-year old woman who weighs just 56 pounds due to anorexia. Stacy’s life is literally in danger due to her eating disorder, but can Dr. Oz help her before it is too late?

Dr Oz: Eating Disorders and Family Support

Dr Oz: Extreme Anorexia & Magnolia Creek Treatment Center

Dr Oz talked to Stacy, a 56-pound woman battling with anorexia, who agreed to immediately enter the Magnolia Creek Treatment Center.


  1. amy says

    Please send an update on how Stacy is currently doing. Since the episode, I’ve thought about her and prayed for her often.

  2. Denise says

    Please send an update on Stacy.. I am praying that she can get the help she needs and overcome her eating disorder.

  3. Mary says

    I keep searching the web for an update on Stacy but can’t find anything. I’m hoping and praying she makes it, not only for herself and her family but also for the millions of women (and men) who suffer from this disease. Her story of overcoming this could give them the strength they need to do the same.

  4. Seth says

    Sorry to hear that. This facility is HORRIBLE and has gone completely down hill from a few years ago when it was excellent. Apparently Dr. Oz didn’t get the word on that unfortunately. I am sure that is why you will not find any updates on Stacy.

  5. Jh says

    Stacy died. She was not provided aftercare, despite oz’s promises, and was left homeless after treatment.

  6. shanan says

    I think Dr Oz or his staff have an obligation to let people know the outcome of what happened to Stacy. There have been so many people asking for an update and yet there has not been any response that I can find that let’s anyone know what happened. I think the show has a responsibility to let people know the outcome as so many people watched this episode and would like to know whether Stacy was helped or not.

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