Dr Oz: Handbag Carrying Tips, Citrus Sprayer Review & Find of the Week


Dr Oz: Handbag Carrying Tips

Ladies, Dr. Oz has an important question for you about the way you carry your purse. Are you a shoulder holder, an elbow holder or are you a hand holder? Did you know it can have a huge impact on your back health, especially if your bag weighs too much? Billy Eichner, host of Billy on the Street, says women carry the oddest things in their purses, like old dirty receipts and crumpled up tissues, but Dr. Oz is more concerned about the things that are adding too much weight and causing harm to their backs.

Dr Oz: Health Risk of Carrying a Heavy Purse

Dr. Oz says the way you carry your purse and the amount it weighs could be causing you harm, so he invited women from his audience to come on stage with their purses to see just how many added pounds they are carrying around on a daily basis.


  1. says

    Dear Dr. Oz I have just had a hysterectomy because I was told I have ovarian cancer.
    I had the surgery on Sept 6th and was told they got it all out but I would have to do chemo and some radiation in about 4 weeks once I was recovered from surgery.
    I have decided to try and kill any cancer cells that may be left by alkalizing my body by juicing.
    Do you have any thoughts on the method I am trying. waiting anxiously for a response.

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