Dr Oz: Headaches, Insomnia & Psoriasis Surprising Heart Attack Risks


Dr Oz: Heart Attack Quiz

Dr. Oz shared important tests that you can do right at home to tell if you are at risk for having a heart attack. Something as simple as being able to touch your toes can determine your heart attack risk, as well as knowing your resting heart rate, so take a few minutes and perform these tests that could truly save your life!

Dr Oz: Migraines Increase Heart Attack Risk

Which of these common conditions was just found to increase your risk of a heart attack?

  1. Headache
  2. Stomachache
  3. Backache

Do you think you know the answer? It might surprise you to hear that the correct response is actually headache, specifically migraine headaches that include an aura. This new research stunned Dr. Oz, but it is now the second-largest risk factor after high blood pressure for having a heart attack.

Dr Oz: Risk Factor For Heart Attack Insomnia

Dr. Oz said that another surprising thing that puts you at risk for a heart attack is insomnia, which is defined as not getting at least six hours of sleep for more than three nights a week. That lack of sleep actually doubles your risk for a heart attack because it weakens your immune system and hinders your ability to deal with inflammation in the body, which causes blockage of your arteries.

Dr Oz: Psoriasis Surprising Risk For Heart Disease

The next surprising reason you could be at risk for a heart attack is Psoriasis. Dr. Oz explained that Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition, which means the immune system is attacking the skin cells, causing them to get inflamed and red. Dr. Oz said to imagine what could be happening to your heart, if this is happening to your skin. Your body is basically constantly always fighting off inflammation, which can lead to heart disease and a heart attack. Dr. Oz recommends Omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce the inflammation.


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