Dr Oz: Smoking Alcohol, Vaportini, & Side Effects of Inhaling Alcohol

By on March 6, 2014

Dr Oz: What is Smoking Alcohol?

Smoking alcohol is the dangerous new way to get drunk, but is it worth the risk? Dr. Oz was curious about how it affects the body, so he decided to dry it for himself. It was not long before he felt tipsy and found it difficult to walk a straight line or send a text message, but what troubled him the most was how fast he got a buzz and how quickly it wore off.

Dr Oz: How Do You Inhale Alcohol?

Dr Oz: Smoking Alcohol, Vaportini, & Side Effects of Inhaling Alcohol

Dr Oz discussed the dangerous new trend of smoking alcohol rather than drinking it. Find out what happened when he tried it!

Dr. Oz says smoking alcohol is a new fad that could end up putting the people who do it at risk. It promises to give you an instant “high” without a hangover or weight gain, which might be why smoking alcohol is being marketed so heavily to women. A woman named Kathleen tells Dr. Oz she decided to try smoking alcohol after reading about it in a magazine and says she and her husband both liked it. Felicia is another woman who uses smoking alcohol and she first learned about it at a bar she visits on occasion. They were introducing patrons to the “Vaportini” so she decided to try it and says she enjoyed how it tasted.

Dr. Oz explains that you basically take whatever alcohol you like and put into a ball-shaped glass over another glass with a candle in it. As the alcohol heats up you can begin to see condensation as the alcohol moves up the sides. You then take a glass straw and inhale deeply, which pulls the vapors into your lungs, and hold it there for a few seconds before letting it out. The idea is to get a controlled “buzz” that goes up and down over a period of time while you socialize with friends.

Dr Oz: Smoking Alcohol Vaportini  Side Effects

One of the most common side effects of drinking alcohol is a hangover, but that is one of the reasons Felicia says she likes the Vaportini so much because she says she does not wake up the next morning with a hangover. Another side effect that many women like is that smoking alcohol promises to help you lose weight, but Dr. Oz questions its safety.

Felicia admits to being worried about the safety of using smoking alcohol, especially when it comes to knowing when she is over the legal limit, which is something she can easily determine when drinking regular cocktails, but has a more difficult time with when inhaling a Vaportini.

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