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Dr Oz: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy

Do you want to know the least you can do to get healthy? (I do too!) Dr Oz went to the best of the best and consulted with the greatest scientific minds to come up with a way to be healthy while still being lazy. He came up with his Lazy Girl’s Guide to help you do the bare minimum but still garner maximum results!


  1. spring says

    Dr Oz is in a position to reach a wide audience of people. I think it would be beneficial if he uses the opportunity he has, to discuss areas of health, nutrition, diseases, etc. in more depth,
    instead of these quick fix subjects like how to burn more calories, by squatting down to use toilet.
    Subjects of interest could be:
    1.) Health Care – Health insurance – How the insurance companies are no longer declining you health insurance ever since the preexisting insurance option has been available, instead they have jacked their premium way up. In order to get preexisting insurance you need to give them a letter from a health insurance agency which shows you have been declined.
    2.) Drug Companies aren’t interested in finding a cure if they cannot profit from it.
    3.) Donating money to research, which goes to drug companies who fund hospitals to use their drugs, who donate money to universities to teach the courses in med school.
    4.) Here’s a good one: In medical school to become a physician, there is very few required courses on nutrition.
    5.) SUGAR! Is in everything…..
    6.) The stages you go through when you are diagnosed with cancer.
    7.) The preservatives in the food we eat.
    8.) The role of the FDA and the food we eat.
    9.) The pesticides.
    10.) Our drinking water.
    11.) A vegan, a raw food, and vegetarian diet
    12.) The psychological reasons why people over eat. Addiction to food.
    13.) What is in the food we eat.
    14.) MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria’s found in hospitals and gyms.
    16.) Drinking – the damage it has on your liver.
    17.) Cigarette smoking – the damage it has on your lungs.

    But Dr Oz probably wouldn’t be on television for very long if he talked about these real issues because he would lose advertisers.

  2. says

    what is a lunch portion and what is a dinner portion please Beef and Oyster Sauce

    -357 calories
    -30g protein
    -you get veggies in this meal too
    thank you Marie

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