Dr Oz Anorexia: Pro-Ana Websites & Janice Dying To Be Thin


Dr Oz: Dying to be Thin: America’s Skinniest Women

When was the last time someone called you fat? Maybe they said that you packed on a couple of pounds. For some, this triggers a deep desire that spins out of control and turns into anorexia. On today’s show, Dr Oz scheduled an intervention of 4 women who are dealing with anorexia. With the use of the Internet, websites make it easy for people to find other people promoting this deadly disease. Sites such as Pro-Ana and Thinspiration encourage young girls to practice anorexia. Dr Oz had the founder of these sites on the show today.

Dr Oz: Janice’s Anorexia Story

Janice was healthy and energetic. For the past 8 years, she has suffered from anorexia.


  1. PrettyThin Member says

    Dear Dr Oz fan,
    I have found a few problems with the Pro-Ana websites section that I’d like to address.
    First: You have no idea what you’re talking about. PrettyThin IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a site of support for people with any type of eating disorders. It is a safe place and a way to escape and actually relate to other people with eating disorders. There maybe a thinspiration section, but what you neglected to mention is there is also a RECOVERY section. Thinspiration is no different than the media promoting the same type of body image. The recovery section lets eating disordered people come to terms of recovery ON THEIR OWN which is much more powerfull and effective than forcing a person to do something that they don’t want to do. And we support recovery much more than you or Dr Oz would know.
    Second: It is physically impossible to teach someone to have an eating disorder. Sure, you can copy the eating habits but that’s not called disordered eating. It’s called extreme dieting. You need to know the facts BEFORE you start running your mouth.
    Third: wtf? You, again, have no idea what you’re talking about. James agreed to be on the show because SOMEONE has to stand up for us! PrettyThin is like a family. If he didn’t appear on the show then PrettyThin would’ve been judged even more harshly by ignorant people. I know he didn’t get to say much on our behalf, but the fact that he was there for us speaks for itself.

    A PrettyThin Member (that got her facts from experience. Not some quack doc on tv)

  2. Kim says

    The Dr. Ox portrayal of what pro-ana is was extremely inaccurate. Pro-Ana was never meant to be used by crash dieters. Its goal was to give isolated people with eating disorders a place where they could talk about their feelings which are always mistakenly judged by most people.

    But since the facts they give about eating disorders on this episode weren’t even correct, it’s not surprising that they wouldn’t be correct about pro-ana either.

  3. PrettyThin Member #2 says

    I, like the below commenter, am a Pretty Thin member. I came to PT about 4 months ago because ever since I realized I had an ED I have felt alone. I realized that I had an ED 5 years ago. I did not realize it once I came across this site. Since joining PT I have not gotten any worse. In fact I have gotten better. No I cannot sit down and eat a normal meal, no I cannot go a day without counting calories, and no I cannot go a day without seeing all my faults. What I can do now is talk to someone WITHOUT BEING JUDGED. This site is my home now. Like the previous PT member said YOU CANNOT TEACH SOMEONE TO HAVE AN ED. PT clearly states that we are not to offer “tips” to anyone. And yes, I will admit I have seen a few tips on the site every now and then, but it’s nothing that google won’t tell me. So, unless you know what you’re talking about (you clearly don’t) shut your mouth. People that come to PT have a serious problem (yes, I’m smart enough to admit that it’s a problem) and it is not to be taken lightly. You, your other “Oz followers” or Dr. Oz have done NOTHING for me. While James on the other hand has saved my life.

    Thank you James, for finally giving me a home.
    A Pretty Thin member

  4. PrettyThin Member 2+ years says

    First of all, you have everything completely WRONG. No Anorexic ‘chooses’ to be Anorexic. Secondly, Anorexia is not the only Eating Disorder out there. But Dr. Oz chose to completely ignore not only Bulimia and BED, but to ignore the Men who also have eating disorders. Do they not have a voice?

    Second of all, PrettyThin does not condone Eating Disorders nor do we teach them. Why? Because that’s disgusting and also because you cannot ‘teach’ an Eating Disorder. That’s like trying to teach somebody Schizophrenia; it’s impossible. Also, why would we want to teach somebody this? Do you realize what it’s like to have an Eating Disorder? Do you know just how miserable we are everyday? You do realize that Eating Disorders have the highest death rate of any mental illness correct? Do you know that the majority of those deaths are from suicide? We’re miserable, we’re sick, we’re depressed and we don’t know how to stop or if we even can.
    Eating Disorders never leave you, you can recover, but you will never lose the voice in your head that tells you ‘not to eat that’, or ‘to purge’. It never goes away..

    Why is everybody under this illusion that we choose this? We most definitely do not! You wanna hear how my ED began? I bet it’ll blow your mind because it’s not all about being thin! You ready for this? Lets go.

    I have an older brother, he’s two years older. I was in the third grade when he began molesting me.
    Fast forward a few years, my parents get divorced, my dad moves away and my mom becomes an alcoholic not to mention borderline abusive.
    Fast forward a bit more, my brother shoots my cat, the only freaken’ animal I ever wanted, my mom tells me my cat ‘ran away’ and that I was irresponsible.
    Seventh grade: My mom points out that I’ve gained weight, I stand in front of a mirror for hours as if I’m just now really seeing myself. I cry all night. The next morning I buy a diet book.
    The following day I begin a severely calorie restricted diet. This lasts all of one day.
    Fast forward again, my brother is kicked out, my mom has a new boyfriend and we live with him. He’s nice, I like him.
    Shortly after moving in with him I’m committed to a mental institution for ‘suicidal thoughts and depression.’
    Upon leaving the hospital, I step on a scale and see my 5’4″ frame has ballooned to 132lbs. I starve myself to 120lbs without a second thought.
    Fast foward to my senior year of high school. I’m transferred to a stupid kids school because my math grades will not allow me to graduate from a regular high school.
    I’m depressed, a few weeks after the change I wake up one morning with this number in my head. This set number of calories to consume. I stick to it, like a switch had turned on in my head I just did it.
    Fast forward a few years, I’m 19 and my mom is telling me that she doesn’t believe my older brother molested me, neither does my dad, and that my brother may attempt to sue me for slander. She’s on his side.
    Fast forward to now,
    I moved 2,000 miles from my mom’s house with my bf who is also Anorexic.

    Never once did I think about doing this to be ‘thin’. I do it because when I’m starving myself, I’m numb to all my problems. I don’t have to think about anything but calories, food and weight. I’m free.

    I realize I could die.
    I realize the world has these insane misconceptions about ‘why’ we do it, and each and every one of you seem to have what you believe to be the ‘magical cure’.
    The truth is, you’re wrong.
    I can’t stop, my life is shattered. It’s broken, I’m broken.

  5. pretty thin member says

    yes I love dr oz but I don’t agree with the non-sense you speak of, pretty thin has been there for me as I’m sure has been there for many others. I have done better in life living with anorexia with the support from fellow members then i ever have with doctors. Yes I don’t agree telling people how to become anorexic but having a place people can come and say what is on their mind and others agree you don’t feel so alone because everyone else in your life is telling you just to eat and it is not as easy as that

  6. PT Member Lulu says

    You shouldn’t spout off about things you can’t comprehend. I don’t care if you KNOW someone with an ED. Unless you have or had one, you couldn’t possibly know anything about the site or what we go through or James and his intentions.

    PT is a place where I feel connected and understood. It doesn’t give me tips or tell me how to get an ED because I already have one and I wouldn’t have come then if i didn’t.

  7. says

    Wow where do i begin…reading all these testimonies, i know i am just another girl, but an older girl , suppose to be a woman at 53 years old yet with all my disorders, it brings me back to a young child.; in other words i havn’t grown up yet and this is how i deal with life and my problems. I was an anorexic,bulimic,alcoholic,lonely,depressed,on disability,lazy person that decided to wake up and see what god has in store for me everyday, instead of death as i call or see it. You see i am seeing or rather reading what other people are going through and dealing with and then i look at myself and then i don’t feel so bad..I really need to get my butt up take a shower, open my eyes, my heart , and my soul, and let the holy spirit cleanse me so i can dry off look up to god and remember he is saying good morning this is God, I will be handling all your problems today I will not need your help, so relax and have a Great Day.! (i don’t know who wrote that saying but i love it and try to live by it) Just give it to God ….one more thing , my mom who is in heaven with my dad as well as other loved ones used to say …….Remember to let go and let God. Thanks everybody for allowing me to write my thoughts and feelings and emotions on a piece of paper that may be read and touched by many people who know this is a first for me..p.s like i said this is a first for me as far as writing my feelings out in the open here on the internet..Who knows i may do this writing or rather typing more often. Too bad i just can’t talk to my computer and it can pass on my paragraph without me typing for my mouth is much faster than my typing fingers. I hope all of u who take the time to read this can take the time to write me back…Thankyou all..T…L…

  8. Tee says

    So, I find it strange that his segment was on anorexia, however the sidebar on this website promotes how to get thin and most of Doctor Oz’s shows only really talk about losing weight and how to shed kilos.


  9. Pro Ana my ass says

    Okay, #1 Pretty Thin is not “Pro Ana” is does not “teach someone to have an eating disorder.” That is just a lie. Yes, there is a Thinspiration section of the site, but none of these people are any smaller than anyone in a magazine. You cannot teach anyone to have an eating disorder. That comes from yourself. Most people don’t even know it’s happening, they are just swallowed up by it. An eating disorder is not a “choice” either. People who want to have an eating disorder to be skinny are just morons. You can ask anyone with an eating disorder if they could get rid of it, would they, and they would say yes. These people just want to be happy with their bodies and themselves. It gives them control. Pretty Thin is a community of people who just need friends, whether they have an illness or want to get rid of it. I have never once seen any “tips on how to be anorexic,” That is not what the site is for.

  10. says

    How dare you say that james is talking BS, there is a VERY clear warning on the homepage saying it is not a site for tips it is a support site, the people that use the site make it what it is, whether you want someone to talk to whilst you recover or somone to help you through your depression ,there are always people willing to help you get BETTER , prettythin is the worlds largest eatingdisorder community, and were like a family,
    And please do me a favour, you don’t teach someone to be anarexic ITS A MENAL DISRDER, you don’t teach someone to be bipolar do you?NO.

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