Dr Oz: Asthma Triggers, Emphysema & Lung Cancer Prevention


Dr Oz: How Lungs Work

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Jessica, an audience member, to take a walk through a giant set of lungs.  The Lungs are our best defense against toxins.  Dr Oz showed what causes lung ailments and how to ward off toxins so that our lungs stay healthy.

Dr Oz: Emphysema

When you drive with your windows down, you are breathing in pollutants that get into your lungs and form air sacks that enlarge and invade the surrounding tissue and may cause emphysema.  These same toxins that give you emphysema are often responsible for lung cancer.


  1. Florence says

    Since last December I have been on Advair then Flovent and now Symbicort. The doctor is trying to get my asthma under control. Since starting these meds I now have small cateracts on both eyes. The information that came along with the medicines does state they could cause eye problems. My question is do YOU feel that the problem with my eyes is due to the medications for my asthma? I trust your opinion! Florence

  2. Janet says

    I have severe asthma and have been on inhaled and oral steriods for 4 years. My 5 girlfriends- all nurses told me to seek other medical advice. I was advised by my new physician in complementary/integrated medicine to take a speical food allergy test. I eliminated gluten, dairy, egg white/yolks, citrus, peanuts/almonds, soy, beans and night vegetables from my diet and in 4 days I notice that my lung capacity was much better (tested at home with my peak flow meter) and inflamation/swelling/stiffness in my fingers, neck and back has disappeared. My physical activity no longer taking asthma medication prior to activity. I am a true believer that certain foods can cause inflamatory responses (which is different in each individual). It’s been 5 1/2 months now and I am so much better (plus losing 15 lbs. as an extra benefit).
    Keep your options open and look into alternative treatment. I sure wished I did not wait so long to seek alternative treatment and I still have regular follow-ups with my pulmonologist.
    Good luck.

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