Dr Oz: Body Tite & Neck Tite Plastic Surgery with Dr Steven Davis


Dr Oz’s show on Revolutionary Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2011 contained some of the latest breakthroughs in plastic surgery from Body Tite Tummy Tucks to Neck Tite procedures to even a 15 minute nose job!  Doctor Oz found some fabulous plastic surgery quick fixes!

Dr Oz: Body Tight & Neck Tight Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz said that 200,000 women do liposuction every year, but many women have been holding back because of they Dr Oz Neck Tite & Body Titethink it is too invasive and has too much downtime.  So Dr Steven Davis came up with the latest generation of liposuction that is an option even for the busiest woman.

Dr Oz: Body Tite Liposuction Plastic Surgery

A lady named Angela said that she always wanted a Tummy Tuck, but who has the time when you have four kids?  She felt like her tummy was too jiggly and squishy, even with all of her tricks for what she calls her “Jelly Belly.”  She said that if she could just tighten her tummy, she would feel much better – and when she feels better, everyone feels better!

Dr Oz: Neck Tite Liposuction Plastic Surgery

Lisa, a 46-year-old mother of three, said that lately she feels like she has three chins.  Whenever she sees her chin, she feels like a senior citizen because that is her aging area.  She has tried every lotion, potion, and cream but nothing helps her double chin.  Wherever she is, she is always looking at everyone else’s neck and she says she has a serious case of Neck Envy!

Dr Oz: Dr Steven Davis Body Tite & Neck Tite

Dr Steven Davis created a cutting edge liposuction treatment that gives you the ability to both remove fat and shrink sagging skin, which allows for minimal bruising and downtime.  Dr Davis’ liposuction treatments are called Body Tite and Neck Tite (or Body Tight and Neck Tight).  Dr Oz asked why Body Tite and Neck Tite are better than liposuction.  Dr Davis said that traditional liposuction does a great job of removing unwanted fat, but it does not address loose skin or getting people back to work quickly.  With Body Tite and Neck Tite, Dr Steven Davis shrinks the skin while removing the fat, and the patient can be on the Dr Oz Show in less than a week!  Clinical trials are being done on Body Tite and Neck Tite, but hopefully soon it will be FDA approved and available all over the country.

Dr Oz: How Much Does Body Tite & Neck Tite Cost?

Dr Oz posted the following information on the television screen about the Body Tite and Neck Tite procedures:


  1. jay says

    I want to be a part of the neck tite clinical trial. I’m a guy and it really bothers me to have a gizzard! lol \But seriously, I would love to try this out.

  2. Patricia says

    How do I become part of Dr. Davis clinical trial??? I have been looking for a procedure just like this for almost 10 years and have been waiting. How do I find out how to try to be part of this clinical trail, PLEASE let me know.

  3. says

    Remember, with any cosmetic plastic surgery there can always be risks and complications that can occur related to infection or a reaction to anesthesia. But with precautions by the surgical team, complications are typically minimized or prevented. Make sure you ask all the right questions as to what to expect before and after your surgery.

  4. Lina says

    I viewed the Dr. Oz show with the woman who had the tummy tightened. Although there was a definite improvement, the skin was still flabby. Does the excess skin need to be removed with surgery?
    No matter how often I excercise or cut out sweets I cannot loose my huge stomach. I look pregnant all the time!!! If you are looking for people to participate in a study, I’d be the perfect candidate.

  5. samantha says

    Where do I sign up for the clinical trial? Really where is Dr. Davis located, i need him like yesterday.

  6. naidine says

    I just saw dr oz anc i really need the body tight stomach procedure. please lend me info on how to participate i dr davis clinical studies. im a 45 divorcee who put 3 kids through college i never would be able to afford this but i would like to get my stomach back . awesome procedure i wd be spokesperson if given the chance. thank you

  7. di says

    sign me up for the tummy trial. Please email me and let me know how i can get included in this trial

  8. Pat S says

    Any answers yet on where or how to volunteer for the neck tite clinical trials? I would like to participate in it, and the tummy one and well – I would love to be a skin donor – I have lots of extra!

  9. pamela says

    i would like to know how to find dr steven davis location….i am interested in the body tite neck tite
    thank you

  10. Sal says

    He is in Cherry Hill, NJ , geez ever use Google, and though it is a “clinical trial”, it is not free, you still pay for anesth. & facility fees, it costs @ $3,000. I’m having it done next week.

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