Dr Oz Childhood Obesity: A Form of Child Abuse?


Dr Oz: Child Obesity

Dr Oz did a show on a controversial topic: is Child Obesity a form of Child Abuse?  Are parents to blame for having obese kids or are they simply a victim of their genetics?  If you knew a child was being abused, it is quite likely that you would say something or take action, right?  Doctor Oz debated whether or not Child Obesity, an epidemic of our time, is child abuse or not.  1/3 of the kids in America are overweight or obese, and 80% of obese teens will eventually turn into obese adults.  All around the country, Dr Oz said that Obese Children are being pulled from their homes and being placed in foster care.

Dr Oz: Obese Children

Dr Oz spoke with several Obese Children and their parents.  Victoria said that she does not have a lot of friends and that she gets made fun of a lot for being Dr Oz Childhood Obesityoverweight.  One kid told her on the way home from school that “the bakery is that way fat a**.”  The average 12 year old girl should weigh 117 pounds, but she weighs considerably more.  Her mother, Patricia, said that she is as heavy as she is due to genetics but that it does not help that she overeats.  Victoria even acknowledged that she eats when she is not hungry and she blames herself for being fat.


  1. Lisa says

    Childhood obesity is a form of child abuse…although the parent(s) may not be physically abusing their children the parents are… however… abusing them by allowing them to eat unhealthy foods because THEY ARE buying and bringing in the home unhealthy choices and are not buying healthier foods for them to eat! This is child abuse! How selfish the mothers on Dr. Oz show were! They were making excuses for their children bad eating habits which both mothers were clearly the blame for! As parents it is our responsibility to ensure of children safety, health and well being! We are their advocate for healthier food choices because the businesses who supply our food at the grocery stores do not care about the health of our children because it is just that …..business for them! These businesses are in it for profit and longer shelf life of their products…not the health of our children! It is up to us…as parents to do it! We have the control to decide when we grogery shop as to what we want to put in our grocery carts, home and what will go into our children bodies! Process foods, high fuctose, corn syrup, food coloring and ALL the other horrible ingredients they put into the foods we buy is giving our children high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other medical conditions at an alarming rate! Children today are more over weight than ever and it is not getting any better…but it can if parents who have a child that is overweight will come out of denial, guilt and excuse mode and get a handle on how they grocery shop and the activities they should put their children in and join in and do with them! This is a family issue that all parents can change with better choices for their children and for themselves.

  2. Paulette Gonis says

    I watch May 24 child hood obesity:a form of child abuse. I could not wait for son to come and and watch the program. i found it to be what he needed to see.His son Nick is 16 and wieghs 315.I keep telling him it is what he is buying and cooking for Nick.Please Please tell me if this program will air again,

  3. Lisa says

    Paulette…you may be able to find this episode of the Dr. Oz show on obesity online.

  4. Angel says

    I have read some of the comments and one in particular frustrated me. The lady implied that only people with money who could afford healthy foods could eat healthy. She mentioned brown rice being more expensive than white rice. Seriously, at what cost is your health worth? I was stunned. It just shows how uneducated this culture has become on how to eat healthy. Could you please do a show on alternative low cost healthy ways to cook for children? I don’t ever want to hear this as an excuse again.

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