Dr Oz: Constipation vs Bowel Obstruction: Gum Sorbitol Laxative

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Dr Oz: Constipation vs Bowel Obstruction: Gum Sorbitol Laxative

By on January 17, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment on the difference between Constipation and a Bowel Obstruction.  Constipation can be frustrating, painful, and embarrassing to discuss, but did you know that constipation could be a sign of something much more serious?  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-of-the-Day said that if she had to describe her intestines, colon, and poop in one word it would be the word “terrible” because she has been constipated lately.

Dr Oz: Bowel Obstruction vs Constipation

Dr Oz said that when you are not constipated, you can think of your poop moving through your Dr Oz Constipationintestinal system in the same way as a person that can normally walk without trouble.  However, when you get constipated, it is like a person trying to move by jumping in a potato sack.  Now if you have a Bowel Obstruction, it is like a door closing in front of you so that you cannot move at all.

Dr Oz: Bowel Obstruction Causes

Dr Oz said that Bowel Obstructions can be caused by scar tissue or surgery, and it can eventually cause your feces (poop) to not be able to get through your Intestinal System at all.  Women who have a Hysterectomy, for example, have to be especially careful.

Dr Oz: What Happens in a Bowel Obstruction?

Dr Oz said that if you had a hysterectomy, for example, you can develop scar tissue that starts to strangle your and block off your intestines.  Then, all of a sudden, your intestinal wall can die and explode.  This is a lethal complication because dead intestines and fecal material spread throughout your body.

Dr Oz: Bowel Obstruction Symptoms

Dr Oz said that the following are common Bowel Obstruction Symptoms:

– Sharp Pain

– Can’t Pass Gas

– Fever (low grade temperature)

– Vomiting

Dr Oz: Constipation Symptoms

Dr Oz said that the following are Constipation Symptoms:

– Dull Pain

– You Can Pass Gas

– Nausea

Dr Oz: Sorbitol in Gum is a Laxative

Dr Oz said that if you have constipation, you should make sure that you are getting enough fiber.  If you do not get food stuck in your intestines, you reduce your risk of a Bowel Obstruction.  Fiber-Rich Foods include avocados, apples, prunes, and raspberries (1 cup has 8 grams of fiber!).  Dr Oz said that Sorbitol, an ingredient found in some chewing gum, can serve as a Natural Laxative as well!

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  1. Mary Matthews says:

    I take 3 Citrecal tables and 2 stool softeners daily. My stool is soft, generally black, but things are fine until feces get to the anus, I am unable to get any force to propel feces out. Have had two prolapsed bladder surgeries, and a gall bladder removal (this year)in the past 10 years. Laxatives can help propel feces out but it generally takes 4*6 attempts with much straining and physically pushing the outside area of the anus. Any help – what it might be and how to fix it. Thank you.

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