Dr Oz: Creatine, Red Yeast Rice Supplement & Chromium Polynicotinate


Dr Oz: Walgreens Way to Well Health Initiative

Cancer, diabetes and heart attacks. You have the power to prevent these deadly diseases with things like Coconut Oil, Red Yeast Rice Supplements, Chromium Polynicotinate Supplements, Magnesium Supplements and Creatine Supplements. Doctor Oz partnered with Walgreens and got the entire studio audience tested with the three tests every woman needs to take. He shut down the NYC city streets and introduced Walgreens Way to Well health initiative. They traveled to those communities in need and set up 3 stations that administered tests. These tests measured glucose and cholesterol, blood pressure and gave a full weight and fat assessment. (They were all free, too!) All of the information was gathered and discussed with each person. The full tests only took 20 minutes.


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