Dr Oz: Creatine, Red Yeast Rice Supplement & Chromium Polynicotinate

By on June 6, 2012

Dr Oz: Walgreens Way to Well Health Initiative

Cancer, diabetes and heart attacks. You have the power to prevent these deadly diseases with things like Coconut Oil, Red Yeast Rice Supplements, Chromium Polynicotinate Supplements, Magnesium Supplements and Creatine Supplements. Doctor Oz partnered with Walgreens and got the entire studio audience tested with the three tests every woman needs to take. He shut down the NYC city streets and introduced Walgreens Way to Well health initiative. They traveled to those communities in need and set up 3 stations that administered tests. These tests measured glucose and cholesterol, blood pressure and gave a full weight and fat assessment. (They were all free, too!) All of the information was gathered and discussed with each person. The full tests only took 20 minutes.

Dr Oz: Creatine, Red Yeast Rice Supplement & Chromium Polynicotinate

Dr Oz spoke about live saving supplements like Creatine, Red Yeast Rice Supplement & Chromium Polynicotinate.

Walgreens Pharmacist, Stacia Woodcock, told Dr Oz that Walgreens began an initiative program to keep women healthy. This Way to Well initiative started in 2011 and is a 4 year, 100 million dollar initiative designed for the detection of diseases. This empowers women to lead a healthier life.

Dr Oz: Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test

Dr Oz’s first test is the Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test.  This is more than just standing on a scale and getting weighed. It tests for visceral fat, skeletal muscle and resting metabolism. It lets you know what’s going on in your body. Dr Oz says how much muscle you have in your body predicts how you’re going to burn fat and ultimately how much you weigh. The amount of muscle in your body is important to predict how much fat you’re burning.

Alicia, an audience member, came to the stage. Earlier she had her comprehensive weight assessment test done. Her skeletal muscle was at 24%. The goal for her age group is 30%. “Muscle matters for women too, not just guys,” Stacia said. Muscles helps you burn fat and lose weight so you need to preserve and sustain your muscle mass. With muscles, you can burn up to 300 more calories per day.

There are keys to building muscle mass, which include:

Lean Protein for Muscle Mass

Foods like eggs and lean meats help to build up muscle.

Dr Oz: Creatine Supplements

To help build muscle mass, take 2 g of Creatine per day. You can put Creatine into shakes. Dr Oz says Creatine only works if you’re also incorporating exercise into your health routine.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Check

Dr Oz’s second test is a Blood Pressure Check. High blood pressure is the silent killer. People never believe their numbers are high because they don’t feel a certain way. Sandra, an audience member, had her blood pressure taken. Normally, your bp should be 115/75. Pre-Hypertension is 140/90.

Dr Oz says the artery is naturally smooth. When plaque starts, especially if blood pressure is high, it chisels away at the arteries and then you get openings in the artery. If blood pressure gets high enough, you can have bleeds in your brain, which causes other issues.

Dr Oz: CoQ10 for High Blood Pressure

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure. For maximum results, take 200 mg per day.

Garlic for High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz suggested garlic to help lower blood pressure. He ate 1 garlic clove every single day. Add this to your health regiment.

Dr Oz: Blood Test for Glucose and Cholesterol

Dr Oz’s third test is the Blood Test for Glucose and Cholesterol.  Stacia said this test is quick and simple. You just prick the finger to test for both glucose and cholesterol.

Ideally, your blood pressure number should be 100
Pre-diabetic is between 100-125
Diabetic is 126 and higher
(These are fasting numbers)

Oriana, an audience member , had her blood pressure tested and it was 84, which is good. Just the fact that it’s normal, keeps you calm. Dr Oz says 80 million Americans are on the verge of developing diabetes. The sugar in your body begins to scrape up your arteries, and damages them more and more. This leaves disruptive areas and weakens the arteries.

Simple solutions for high blood pressure include:

Dr Oz: Magnesium Supplements Lower Blood Pressure

If your numbers are high, consider taking magnesium supplements. For maximum effect, take 400 mg per day.

Dr Oz: Chromium Polynicotinate Supplements

Chromium Polynicotinate also helps to lower your numbers. For maximum effect, Dr Oz suggested taking 200 mcg per day of Chromium Polynicotinate.

Dr Oz: Red Yeast Rice Supplements

Your cholesterol number should be less than 200. Oriana had hers tested and it was 224, which was slightly higher. When Doctor Oz asked her when was the last time she had her cholesterol checked, Oriana said she never had it checked, which surprised Dr Oz. These tests are free, so please, please, please get them checked.

If you have high cholesterol, Dr Oz suggested taking Red Yeast Rice Supplements. This stops the formation of cholesterol in the body and is an alternative to prescription therapy. For maximum effect, take 1200 mg 2 x per day of Red Yeast Rice Extract Supplements.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Lowers Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, try taking coconut oil to help lower your numbers. For maximum effect, take 1 Tbsp per day. Coconut oil can be used instead of butter in healthy dishes like stir-fry.

The Way to Well Bus is touring all over the country. To find out when it’s coming to your city, visit www.Walgreens.com/waytowell.

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