Dr. Oz: Dandruff Causes & Solutions for Flaky Scalp + Home Remedy

By on March 31, 2010

Doctor Oz spoke about what you can do about dandruff to keep your hair clean from flakes!  Everyone gets dandruff at one point or another, so this is great to knoWhat is dandruff?  Plus, what dandruff is not, are both very important to know.  For example, many people think dandruff is caused by not shampooing or showering enough, but more often shampooing too often could be the problem.  In most cases, fungus develops under the top layer of your scalp and the bacteria eats away at your scalp’s oils, which then dries out your scalp so your scalp begins to flake and that is dandruff.  If you have a dry scalp, and you shampoo too much or use the wrong kind of shampoos, then it can just exacerbate the dandruff.  Also, since dandruff is most often caused by a fungus, it is important to have a healthy diet.  If you have dandruff, make sure to take extra Zinc Supplements and Vitamin B Supplements.  Here are a few dandruff home remedies:

Dr. Oz’s Dandruff Solutions & Home Remedies

1.  Take Vitamin Supplements like Zinc Supplements and Vitamin B Supplements.

2. Baking Soda

Put a scoop of Baking Soda on your scalp in the shower, and it can do wonders for your dandruff and flaky scalp. 

3. Pyrithione Zinc Shampoo

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, so it can also be used on rashes.  One idea would be to mix some Tea Tree Essential Oil into your regular shampoo.

5. Selenium Sulfide Lotion Shampoo

Selenium is also an anti-fungal that stimulates the body to defend itself, so try using a Selenium Sulfide Lotion Shampoo.

Click here for more home remedies, including a dandruff home remedy.

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Dandruff Causes & Solutions for Flaky Scalp + Home Remedy

  1. Home based remedies for Flaky itchy scalp. buttermilk is one of the option: apply for 20 mins, it works, do check out.

  2. this site was very useful, it helped me very much

  3. Kim Hanks says:

    On a recent show the suggestion was made to look for shampoo containing an ingredient that started with a K. I had never hear of it and lost the name, can anyone help?

  4. @ kim ketoconazole

  5. I used witch hazel and it worked very quickly. I rubbed it into my scalp after washing and left it in to dry. I did this 3 times in a week, I also cleaned my hair brush with witch hazel and changed the pillow cases each time. I haven’t had a problem since!

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