Dr. Oz: Dangerous Beauty – Mineral Powder, Wrinkle Cream & Lip Gloss


Did you know that some of our most intimate items in our purse and bathroom are hazardous to our health and hurt our beauty in the long term?  Wrinkle creams and lotions actually aren’t approved by the government or the FDA…  and to top it all off, cosmetic companies only have to list intended ingredients, not what ingredients are formed during the production and manufacturing of their products.  I always thought that if you read the word hypoallergenic and non comedogenic on the package, you could be assured the products were safe… but there are no guidelines for using these terms, so they can mean whatever each company wants them to mean. Good thing that Dr. Oz has armed us with information about dangerous beauty products – how much are YOU willing to pay for the price of beauty with dangerous cleansers, perfumes and makeup?  Here are Dr. Oz’s tips on makeup to avoid and cosmetic substitutes that are safe!

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Beauty Cheat Sheet


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