Dr Oz: Deadly Drug Interactions: Anti-Depressants, Statins & Antihistamines


Dr Oz: Drug Interaction Checker

Doctor Oz’s show “Deadly Drug Interactions: How Your Meds Putting You At Risk?” spoke about the importance of a good Medical Record Keeper and a Drug Interaction Checker. Do you know how mixing medications could be negatively impacting your health? There are 100,000 OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications. Most people are given at least 2 prescriptions every time they go to the pharmacy. Did you know that combining allergy and antifungal drugs may cause you damage or that cheese and processed meats can turn anti-depressants into poison? This was the reason for today’s show. You could be at risk and not even realize it.


  1. Lorraine Mangin says

    I take Azor, Synthyroid 88.mg ,premarin 65. cymbalta 60 mg. ache from arthritis alot of the day. also retain fluid. are these drugs compatable. Thanks Merry Christmas.

  2. winterrose herrera says

    these are the medications i am on have been on the perscription ones for over 20yrs, the pain pill only for about a week, my natural herbal pills for about 4yrs here is the list in the order i wrote here above; tranxene 7.5mlg 3x’s daily, neurotin 400mlg 2x’s daily, levoxyl ,ambien as needed for sleep, now pain pills dilodid, now natural, horsetail, 100% eggshell with vitamine d3,olive leaf extract,ginko, also phyto estrogen cream, and phyto progestoron cream, all from swansons is the natural herbal medicine the creams is natural source ; now can you tell me please what if any is bad to mix together?

  3. F. Reilly says

    #1 I,also, would like to know why I can’t access the Deadly Drug Interactions and the Medical
    records sheet?
    #2 The information that was given can’t be printed. Why?

    Thank you

  4. Mary Gaul says

    I can’t retrieve the liist of drug interactions and otc with drug reactions. Thanks for helpint.

  5. do says

    Good luck trying to get that list.
    No one seems to answer from the dr. oz show. We’re really answering for each other. Many things like recipes, lists, and info that they say will be on Dr Oz.com just aren’t.
    Very frustrated
    The person that asked about the zetia, I believe it is a statin. All you have to do is call your pharmacy. When you take a statin you should also be on COQ10 supplement. Ask your dr.

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