Dr. Oz: Epsom Salt Removes Blackheads & Pimples


Dr. Oz discussed blackheads and pimples, the war they wage on our faces, how blackheads can be deadly and most importantly, how we can get rid of these pesky blemishes!

Dr. Oz asked seat 76, Anne, to be his helper today.  So why do people get blackheads?  If the hair follicle cannot get through the surface of your skin, then you get a blackhead.  The little black dot is actually the top of the hair follicle that is trapped under your skin.


  1. Tina says

    My Daughter has a blackhead problem, mostly chin upper lip back of shoulders I plan on trying the epson salt remedy but alls I can find is the really big chunky stuff should I talk with my local drug store to see if there is a smaller grain available

  2. Bri says

    I have some break outs every now n then my skin is very sensitive though should I use this dpsom salt to help my breakouts?

  3. A.S. says

    Hi, i have mild acne, and i tried this once the previous night, and it worked wonders. Just that one night. And i will defiantly be doing this again. What i did was i took a small bowl, fill it with water maybe half way, and poured a good amount of epsom salt into it, stirred until it dissolved, and took a cotton ball or cotton pad and just dabbed it all over my face. Left it on all night, and in the morning i repeated, but rinsed immediately, put my makeup on and was ready to go. This worked great. Thanks Dr. Oz!

  4. AH says

    Can i just use a regular salt from the supermarket? Or does it *have* to be Epson salt…where can u get them anyway? x

  5. TH says

    You cannot use regular salt as they are two different compounds. You can find epsom salts usually in the pharmaceutical section of most stores on the aisle with the bandaids and the ace bandages. Hope that helps.

  6. DB says

    I’ve had a problem with blackheads for my entire life. I have been to a number of dermatologist and nothing worked. I tried the epsom salt and it works. I also HAD oily skin, not anymore, the epsom salt wash eliminated the need to redo my make up through out the day. In addition, I put two cups in my bath water. EXCELLENT. There is yet another plus, it is inexpensive.
    Thank you Dr. OZ

  7. Sabrina says

    I have really bad acne i drink a lots of water but i can not lose the black heads do epsom salt really work and how do u use it…

  8. Doona says

    Is the death caused by popping blackheads under the nose over time? Or is it caused by poping it once? Please answer, I really need to know. Thank you.

  9. ranchnumber51 says

    Here’s a tip… use a mortar & pestle (or a bowl and the back end of a spoon) to grind the Epsom salt into a finer texture. You can add just a little water to make a more concentrated paste to put directly on blemishes, or add more to use all over. Also great for getting boils to “come to a head”. Also, “Epsom salt” is just a common name for magnesium sulfate, so that is why regular salt doesn’t do the same thing. Toyally different compound as a previous poster said.

  10. Jamie says

    For those of you wondering where to find epsom salt, it can easily be found in almost any drugstore or supermarket. Even better, I find it all the time at the dollar store, and it’s the exact same stuff you’d find anywhere else. =]

  11. Sarah says

    This is completely untrue. Blackheads are caused when sebum is overproduced and gets stuck in the pore. It turns dark because of the oxidation with the air (like apples turn brown). It has nothing to do with the hair follicle. Also, popping pimples leading to death? Please. If you can’t even get something as simple as blackheads right, I doubt you have any reliable information on that.

  12. Dr. Oz says

    Yes, for all you wondering, Epsom Salt isa good exfoliator for the dermis. You should take care in the danger triangle however.

  13. Chris! says

    So now I’m real confused I heard Dr oz say that it can be deadly to pop blackheads! There’s apparently even a death zone! I was a little worried because I’ve had acne and blackheads since teenage that I’ve always popped. The other thing is I’ve always had blackheads on my back through my teenager years and have never had hair on my back! but now that I’m 40 I usually only get them in this so called death area how can it be hair follicles? Is it hair follicles or is it sebum? And is death from pimple popping occur from long term accumulative trauma ?

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