Dr Oz: Food to Help You Sleep: Chia Seeds, Valerian Tea & Wheat Germ

Dr Oz did a segment called Foods to Help You Snooze.  If you are tossing and turning all night, a change in your diet could help you sleep better – hence, Doctor Oz’s list of foods that help you snooze like Chia Seeds, Wheat Germ, and Valerian Root Tea.

Dr Oz: Chia Seeds for Sleep

Dr Oz said that Chia Seeds are high in tryptophan, which is the same thing that makes you sleepy Dr Oz Foods To Help You Snoozeafter eating turkey.  Remember the Chia Pets?  Well, Chia Seeds are the same seeds used in Chia Pets!  You only need to consume two ounces of Chia Seeds at least three hours before your bedtime.  Dr Oz said that you can eat them on salads or find other creative ways to integrate them into your food.  Recently, one of my friends made the most delicious pudding out of Chia Seeds.  It tasted almost like a tapioca pudding but it was a Chia Seed Pudding.  If anyone is interested in the recipe, let me know (by leaving a comment below) and I will ask her for it – it was delicious!

Dr Oz: Wheat Germ For Sleep

Dr Oz said that wheat germ is high in vitamin B6 which helps to relieve stress and anxiety.  You need just one teaspoon of wheat germ and you can sprinkle it on top of a yogurt parfait or cereal.

Dr Oz: Valerian Tea for Sleep

Dr Oz said that Valerian Root Tea has been used as a sleep aid for many centuries because of a natural compound found in it that promotes good sleep.  Valerian Tea is a natural sedative.  Dr Oz said that this is the only food on this list that you do not have to have 3 hours before you go to bed!


  1. Please send me the recipe for the chia seed pudding. Thanks! Ruth says

    I love watching the Dr. Oz show whenever i can. It comes on here in Northern Virginia 2 hours before I get home. But I watch it every time I am off. Keep up the good work Dr. Oz. You give very good information.

  2. says

    YAY, so glad that some of you want the Chia Seed Pudding Recipe! I have asked my friend for the recipe and I will post it as soon as I get it!

  3. Donna Crowell says

    I use chia seeds in my food all the time and would love to have the pudding recipe. Thanks.

  4. Noreen Morton says

    Dr. Oz said Chia seeds will help you sleep, but did not tell us enough information. I read two articles and found important information. Chia seeds lower blood pressure and should not be eaten by anyone with low blood pressure. They also have addictive effects. Unfortunately I found this information after I bought the seeds which happen to be expensive.

  5. Ilene Visco says

    I have just learned about the benefits of chia seeds. I would really like to get the recipe for chia seed pudding.

  6. Iris says

    I would love the chia seed pudding recipe and any other recipes that aid in sleep and weigt loss.

  7. Daphne says

    I would love to have the chia seed pudding recipe and other recipes that would help me with sleep.

  8. Daphne says

    Please email me the recipe for the chia seed pudding and any others using the wheat germ and chia seeds.

  9. Claudette Rortvedt says


    I would be interested in getting the recipe for the Chia seed pudding.
    Thank you for your help,

  10. Pat says

    I would like to try Chia Seeds for sleep. The article said to consume 2 ounces. I weighed out 2 ounces on my kitchen scale and it seems like a huge amount of seeds (probably around 3 tablespoons). How does a person consume such a large quanity a couple of hours before going to bed?

  11. Donna says

    I would love to have the recipe for the Chia seed pudding. I am already putting them on my cereal, yogurt, etc. I look forward to receiving the recipe. Thank you

  12. janatmsn says

    I am interested in the Chia seed Pudding Recipe. Please send me the recipe

  13. Carol B. says

    I would love the recipe for the Chia Seed Pudding…Love all info to help me sleep…I have tried the grapes your daughter mentioned(this worked for me) also the pumpkin seed& milk shake/….Thanks so much ,Also can the chia seeds be sprinkled on salads??

  14. says

    The best product i found to help sleep with valerian is from You, Me and Tea and it is called Organic Relaxation Blend Tea The BEST!!! W

  15. Riona Australia says

    1/3 cup pecans, soaked overnight in water to cover

    2-3 pitted dates, preferably soaked in water overnight to rehydrate

    3/4 cup filtered water

    2 tablespoons chia seeds

    tiny pinch of cinnamon

    tiny pinch of sea salt

    fresh or dried berries for garnish

    Pour soaking water off the pecans, and then blend them with the dates and 3/4 cup water in a blender. I prefer that some pecan and date chunks remain so I just blend mine briefly

    Place chia seeds into a bowl and pour the liquid over them. Add cinnamon and salt and stir to combine. You can eat this right away, but it is better to allow the pudding to sit for at least 5 minutes while the chia seeds soak up the liquid. I put mine in the fridge to set. You can let them sit even longer if you like- they will keep swelling and become fairly gelatinous if you do, and you may find you’ll want to add more water. Top with fresh or dried berries before serving, if desired.

  16. says

    We had chia seeds in our shake last night. About a half hour later we could barely hold our eyes open. Perhaps it worked faster because we’re small people, but it definitely worked. We both slept very well. I will definitely be using chia seeds in the future to sleep and for its other health benefits.

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