Dr Oz Grocery Secrets & Scams: Food Lighting Trick & Eggs Cold Line


Dr Oz: Supermarket Scams

Going shopping for groceries is an old habit for most of us. But as Dr Oz warned, many of us probably didn’t know what’s going on at the supermarket. Are you ready to find out some gross things about food that you can’t un-learn?

Dr Oz Supermarket Secrets

Here are a few secrets Dr Oz has previously exposed.

  • Buy milk from the back of the freezer
  • Your cart is covered in fecal matter
  • Produce sprays could spread bacteria
  • Always wash bagged salad before eating it

Dr Oz: What Your Grocery Store Won’t Tell You

Dr Oz Scams: Stores Change Use By Dates & Save Bread Up To One Year

Dr Oz unveiled more Supermarket Secrets about stores changing use by dates, deceptive lighting, year old bread labeled as fresh & more.


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