Dr Oz: Hyperbaric Oxygen Alzheimers Treatment & Diabesity

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Dr Oz: Hyperbaric Oxygen Alzheimers Treatment & Diabesity

By on January 13, 2012

Dr Oz: Diabesity & Alzheimers Treatments

Dr Oz constantly gets asked what doctors does he take his own family to. On today’s show, Doctor Oz handpicked 4 cutting-edge specialist that have the powers to prevent, and even reverse disease. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, Dr. Wendy Warner, Dr. David Perlmutter, and Dr. Susan Blum. Dr Oz called these specialists the Fantastic Four Disease Specialist who take a new approach to healing that help you get rid of weight, as well as, help rid you of medication dependency. These four doctors hand-picked by Dr Oz use the functional medicine approach and go beyond the system to figure out the illness.

Dr Oz: Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

While traditional medicine looks at the disease, functional medicine looks at your entire body and your environment.

Dr Oz Hyperbaric Oxygen Alzheimers Disease

Dr Oz Hyperbaric Oxygen Alzheimers Disease

Those that practice functional medicine believe that food is the most powerful medicine to treat chronic disease, such as diabetes.

Functional medicine is a new way of thinking about health and disease. With conventional medicine, you’re either sick or healthy. Functional medicine considers the continuum of health and disease and deals with root causes as well as the process of becoming healthy. Food is the key.

Dr Oz: Diabesity

Yes, you read that correctly. Traditional doctors think of obesity and diabetes as 2 separate health issues, but with functional medicine, they are related.

Dr Oz: NMR Cholesterol Test

How To Fight Diabesity:

– Insulin Response Test

– NMR Cholesterol Test

Endothelium keeps cholesterol in our blood and not in the cells where they can do damage. If you have small particles, they’re like sharp shards and go straight through lining of the arteries and into the artery itself. This causes plaque. Doctors only recently obtained the ability to do this test.

Causes Of Diabesity:

– Sugar
– Flour
– Dairy
– Gluten
– Corn eggs
– Soy

Dr Oz: PGX Daily Fiber

Remedies To Prevent Diabesity:

-PGX Daily (PGX is a super-fiber that absorbs fat and sugar, which lowers insulin and prevents belly fat. If you have any questions to its effectiveness, Dr Oz stated that his wife takes this.)

Dr Oz: Fatigue Remedies

Dr. Susan Blum stated that when patients visit her office, she goes through an extensive checklist of why they are exhausted. Traditional doctors are looking for some type of disease as the underlying cause. Dr. Blum checks the thyroid gland or T3 (the gas hormone that goes inside the cells that increases energy, metabolism, and heat. This hormone also burns off calories.) The ineffective production of T3 is caused by toxins, stress, and nutritional deficiency. Dr Oz showed the thyroid gland and stated that if you can feel a tiny bump in the front of your thyroid, you have an enlarged thyroid, which will in turn cause issues.

Exhaustion and Fatigue Remedies: To help the thyroid work better, give it all the nutrition it needs.

– Take 15 mg of zinc. This helps at the cell level.

– Take 200 mcg of Selenium. You need this to make T3.

– Take 150 mcg Iodine. This is the foundational mineral. You can get these minerals with table salt. Check label to make sure the salt is iodized.

Fatigue Fighter Super Salad Recipe


– 1 bunch kale
– ½ Tbsp kelp flakes
– ¼ cup of carrots
– ¼ cup of sunflower seeds
– Celtic sea salt
– ¼ cup of tahini

Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Disease Hyperbaric Oxygen

Dr. David Perlmutter told Doctor Oz that Alzheimer’s is preventable and reversible. Alzheimer’s is inflammation, like the heart can contain. Dr Oz showed an image of a brain scan containing bright images. The bright images were “raging fires” or inflammation. Inflammation can be controlled by diet.

Dr. Perlmutter stated that all fats are not bad. You need fats. In fact, your brain is 70 percent fat, so you need to consume dietary fat to keep your brain functioning properly. It’s not the fat that’s bad, it’s the amount of bad fat that we intake.

Dr Oz: Hyperbaric Oxygen Alzheimer’s Remedy

Good fats:

– Avocado
– Coconut oil
– Eat daily

Dr. Perlmutter stated that you can also use hyperbaric oxygen to treat Alzheimer’s. The hyperbaric oxygen delivers a high dosage of oxygen to the brain. To be effective, you’ll need 20-30 treatments. Insurance may cover the cost, but if not, you may spend $200-$300 per treatment.

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  1. Donna Statler says:

    One sis died at the age of 60, in 2001, after spending yrs in a nursing home. Another sis is in a home now and turned 60 this year. She WAS diagnosed with Pick’s. I am the only other living daughter of our mother, and I did tell my doc about this, and assume she made a note…but….would love to know more about the hyperbaric chamber treatment. I live in Idaho…300 miles north of Boise but 100 miles from Spoikane, WA….any research done in Spokane as that is close to me. Thanks

  2. Donna Statler says:

    Waiting for an answer for the above as to Pick’s Disease. Donna

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