Dr Oz: Mango Chicken & Just 10 Diet Sample Meals


Dr Oz did a show on his Just 10 Diet Plan, after which he gave three sample meals that would work with his Just 10 Diet Plan.  Here are Dr Oz’s suggested meals to get you started: Dr Oz Mango Chicken Recipe

Breakfast: PB&J Reinvented

Dr Oz reinvented pb&J for breakfast to fit his Just 10 Diet Plan.  Toast a slice oh whole wheat bread and spread on 2 TB of almond butter.  Then you can smash 1 cup of blueberries to spread on top like a jelly… this seems like a bit too much for me personally, so I’d rather just eat the blueberries separately, which is also fine since it is no more or less calories.

Lunch: Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad

Throw all of your leftover veggies into a bag with a dressing made of lemon juice and olive oil.  Dr Oz’s “Everything But The Kitchen Sink Salad” was made of arugula, white beans, red bell peppers and tomatoes.  Dr Oz said that you can also eat whole grain bread sticks and an apple, so that will help you to feel full as well.

Dr Oz’s Mango Chicken Recipe

For dinner, Dr Ro showed Dr Oz how to make this delicious looking Mango Chicken Recipe, which I cannot wait to try out!  I personally like my mango salsa to be a little bit spicy, so I might add some jalapeno’s or something to spice it up a bit.  Dr Oz suggested serving the mango chicken with grilled asparagus and 1 cup of whole grain couscous that is cooked in  low sodium chicken broth.


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