Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets Turn Sour Foods Sweet With Miraculin

By on February 18, 2011

The Land of Dr Oz, a Wizard of Oz themed Dr Oz Show, included a segment on Food Cures with Jeff Corwin, NBC News Science & Environment Expert.  Doctor Oz asked Corwin why are plants so critical for mainstream medicine?  Corwin said that many chemicals that become synthesized and used in plants begin originally in plants and insects.  So why not go directly to the source?  Here are some fascinating products from Nature’s Supermarket including Miracle Berry Tablets, Pistachio Nuts and Green Papayas.

Dr Oz: Green Papaya Helps Digestion

Jeff Corwin showed a Green Papaya along with a ripe papaya that is an orange color on the inside.  Corwin described the ripe papaya as having a sweet diaper smell and said that what you Dr Oz Miraculinare smelling is something called Papain which is an enzyme found in papayas.  In a Green Papaya, when you first touch the fruit it feels dry, but if you rub your finger over the fruit, then it becomes sticky from the Papain.  You can use Green Papaya in salads and the Papain is excellent for helping digestion.

Dr Oz: Pistachio Nuts Help Lose Weight

Jeff Corwin told Dr Oz that pistachio nuts help people lose weight.  They are high in fiber and protein and have a moderate amount of good fats.  By eating unsalted pistachios, you reduce the Glycemic Index of the food that you eat.  So if you eat a handful of pistachios before eating a high-carb meal like pasta, you actually make the meal healthier for your body.

Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets Sweeten Food

Dr Oz’s final item was the one that really intrigued me – it is called the Miracle Berry and comes from the Miracle Plant which originates in Africa and Asia.  Miraculin is the chemical inside of the Miracle Berry and it tricks your tastebuds into thinking that foods that you might not normally like are actually very delicious.  As an experiment, Dr Oz, Jeff Corwin and two ladies from the audience tasted a lemon wedge and confirmed it is very sour.  Then they drank a little water and placed a Miracle Berry Tablet on their tongue and swished it around in their mouth for a minute.  The Miraculin binds to the receptors of your taste buds and after a minute, your tastebuds are tricked into thinking that something sour actually tastes very sweet.  So then they each bit into a lemon wedge again and they all said the lemon now tasted super sweet.  Corwin said this works for cream cheese, unsweetened yogurt and even balsamic vinegar tastes like Manischewitz (a super sweet wine).  Corwin said that the Miracle Berry Tablet lasts for an hour and a half.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets Turn Sour Foods Sweet With Miraculin

  1. where can you order these miraculin pills. in researching and reading about it online, it says this is not a legal product in the u.s.a., so where is jeff corwin getting this from?

  2. Why isn’t this sold to the public?? Apparently it was discovered in 1970 and it wasn’t allowed to be sold to the public since the government said it had to go under years of testing… But it’s been more than 40 years!

    If today there are still no known side effects, why isn’t this sold? It’s food of the future that could help forever end obesity!

  3. Dr sandra smith says:

    tesla purple energy plates india have also the same characteristics.

  4. It said the tables were like $14.00 or so but looked on your web site and can’t seem to find the name or a place to buy such berrys. Can you please help me out here. I would love to try them out .

    Thank you I hope I can get some infromation Please

  5. I found a place where you can buy the Miracle Berry Tablets – they seem to get pretty good reviews! I will have to check them out and see if they really do work. Here is the link: Miracle BerryTablets

  6. i have brown spots on my cheeks please help

  7. Where in Canada can you buy the Miracle Berry Tablets

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