Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Warning Signs & Symptoms

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Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Warning Signs & Symptoms

By on November 3, 2011

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Quiz

Are you an explosive and out of control mom, wife, and friend?  Do you shout at loved ones for no reason at all?  If so, Dr Oz says you may have Perimenopausal Rage.  This disorder is a real medical condition and affects millions of women.

The opening scene of today’s Dr Oz Show profiled Leslie, a church pastor and a mother of 3, yelling at her son.  She stated that she felt like a good pastor and that this mostly happens at home and that she is able to control herself somewhat with church members.  Leslie stated that she was edgy and irritable and she didn’t know why.  She said that the irritability and agitation were the most frustrating signs.  Leslie’s husband said the rage can go on for 2 minutes or 20 minutes and that you never knew when it was going to happen.  Leslie said she yelled for things such as dirty dishes, kids in the kitchen, or something as small as a cup in the sink.  Her son felt angry sometimes, but was also scared that mom had something wrong with her.  After Leslie explodes, she felt bad, feeling her rage was completely uncontrollable.  No one had time to get out of the way.

Lisa is 47-years-old and a mother of 3.  Her meltdowns were “freaking her family out.”  About 2-3 yrs ago, Lisa was a ticking time bomb.  The smallest thing would set her off and it was quick.  She felt like she was psychotic sometimes.  She could cry or be an “angry crazy person” sometimes.  She didn’t know what was coming.  Lisa’s most explosive rage happened just a few weeks ago over her husband not doing the dirty dishes.  Lisa began yelling and even told him she didn’t think their marriage would make it.  After that explosion, she felt guilty so she sat and cried for hours.  Her husband wished he could do more to help.

Leslie felt ashamed and sad.  She didn’t know where the rage came from.  Lisa stated that it was embarrassing and made her feel sad to see herself explode.

Dr Oz had an entire section of audience members who felt they had rage issues sit in one section.  (I guess it was so that they could yell at each other!)  All of the audience members in that section stated they felt the same as Lisa and Leslie.  Toby, one of the audience members, stated that she felt horrible after her outbursts.  She likened the moment right after the outburst like eating the most delicious piece of cheesecake because you got all of the anger out right away.  Soon after that, the feelings of guilt surfaced.  She felt she wasn’t this way 10 years ago and living around her was like walking on eggshells every day.

Dr Oz gave some good news.  Perimenopausal Rage is caused by a shift in hormones and that is something that is predictable.  Those suffering from this disorder could take steps to reduce the rage.  Dr Oz then introduced Marcy Holmes, NP, who stated that Perimenopausal Rage is very real and affects millions of women between the ages of 35-55 (before menopause).  According to Marcy, this disorder is more abrupt the second half of the menstrual cycle when the hormones are most turbulent.

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Symptoms

Marcy Holmes, NP told Doctor Oz that the following qualify as Perimenopausal signs:

– Extreme outbursts

– The anger is extreme and emotional and hurts others around you.  It’s above and beyond.

Dr Oz performed an experiment to demonstrate how Perimenopausal Rage works.  He used a balance scale with several blue balloons (hormones) tied to one end and 1 red balloon (rage) tied to the other.  During Perimenopausal Rage, the hormones (blue balloons) change.  Dr Oz popped one blue balloon, then another, and then another until all blue balloons were popped.  The red balloon (rage) flies into the air.  Luckily, the hormones are replaced, but by then, the rage has been released and you’ve begun to develop learned behaviors.

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Warning Signs

1. Severe mood swings within minutes (i.e. crying over a commercial, becoming angry about something in an instant)
2. Out of proportion anger (small issues shouldn’t cause major anger)
3. Long time history of PMS
4. Experienced post-partum depression

Dr Oz went into the audience and spoke with the husbands of Lisa and Leslie.  Lisa’s husband felt stressed not knowing when the rage was going to come.  He wanted to help her.  He and the kids had worked out strategies to deal with it.  “Sunny weather” meant all was good.  “A storm coming” meant mom was about to fly off the handle.  Leslie’s husband stated that this was not the same person he married.  Leslie used to be loving, ambitious, and caring. About 4 yrs ago, the rage appeared.  The family was just trying to cope with it.  His remedy was to have him and his sons take cover in the man cave and get out her way.  He was hopeful, though.

Marcy liked the support of the husbands.  She encouraged them by telling them to hang in there and work with their wife.  For example, ask her, in a good moment, what he can do to make it easier for her today.

Dr Oz noted that men knew how to push buttons (yes they do!) but that they needed to be cognizant of it, especially during their wife’s moment of rage.  It wasn’t about the shame.  It was about honoring reality that the brain is going to listen to the hormones.  The goal is to help those with this disorder.

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  1. Lori A Geuy says:

    This so explains my WEIRD BEHAVIOR for the last few years. I assume it was stress related. And NO ONE listening to me.

  2. So….how can I help stop it?! Did I miss something in the article?

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