Dr Oz: Poop Shape (Smooth, Marble & Watery) & Pee Dipstick Test

Dr Oz: Poop & Pee Tests

Dr Oz’s “Are Your Pee & Poop Normal?” Show discussed how going to the bathroom provides all of us with a chance to do a life saving self-exam everyday.  You can help to detect things like Stomach Cancer, Kidney Disease, Gallbladder Disease, Diabetes and Crohn’s Disease just by looking at your poop and pee after you go to the bathroom.  Everyone in the front row of Doctor Oz’s audience said that they caught various health issues they had by being cognizant of their pee and poop.  The ladies noticed things like stool becoming looser, cloudy pee, pee with bubbles in it, bloody stool, dark spots in poop, white poop and a change in stool consistency.  Dr Oz asked everyone in his audience to bring a photo of their poop and a sample of their pee into the studio so that they could all go over the four lifesaving S’s of pee and poop – shape, size, smell and shade.

Dr Oz: Poop Shape

Dr Oz said that as food goes into your lower intestine, it is a liquid, bit it changes shape, consistency and color as it moves through the digestion process.  The normal “S” shape of your poop is actually a mold of the bottom of your rectum.  So if your poop is in a “S” shape, that is a good thing.  Here are three fundamental poop shapes and what they may mean:

Dr Oz: Smooth Poop

Doctor Oz said that the first fundamental poop shape is a Smooth Shape, which is totally normal.  When this type of poop hits the toilet bowl water, it sounds like a diver diving off of a cliff.

Dr Oz: Marble Shaped Poop

Dr Oz said that you do not want poop that looks like lots of little marbles, because that means that you are constipated.  Marble Poop sounds like bird’s dropping pellets from the sky when it hits the water in the toilet bowl, and it often makes the toilet bowl water splash up onto your bottom.  Dr Oz said that Marble-Shaped Poop can be a sign of Diabetes or Neurologic Disorders as well.

Dr Oz: Watery Poop

Doctor Oz’s final shape for poop is Watery Poop, which of course is often called Diarrhea.  This type of poop means that your body is not absorbing everything and you are losing electrolytes.  Diarrhea can also be a sign of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s Disease or an allergy to certain foods that you are eating.

Dr Oz: Holding in Poop is Dangerous

A lady in Dr Oz’s audience said that she hates to poop at work because she does not want other people to hear it, but she asked if holding in poop could be bad for your health.  Dr Oz said that it is not a good idea to hold in  your poop.  There are toxins in your stool, and you do not want to keep them in your body because it can cause nerve damage and out-pouches over time, which can even be deadly.  So do not be embarrassed to poop, even if you are in an office or place where other people might hear it – all of us poop!

Dr Oz: Poop Colors

Dr Oz next went over what the color of your poop could be telling you about your health.  If you have Red Poop, Green Poop, Yellow Poop, White Poop or Black Poop, then this is definitely worth the read!

Dr Oz: Brown Poop

Brown Poop is of course normal and what most of us have. Dr Oz Pee & Poop

Dr Oz: Red Poop & Diverticulosis

Red Poop can mean that you are bleeding from your Lower GI System.  Dr Oz said that Diverticulosis or Cancer could be the cause of Red Poop.

Dr Oz: Green Poop & Crohn’s

Green Poop can be a sign that you have Crohn’s Disease or another health issue where you are not absorbing all of the nutrients from your food.

Dr Oz: Yellow Poop & Gallbladder Disease

Yellow / White Poop can be a sign of Gallbladder Disease, because as Gall Stones block off your bile, your poop can become lighter and lighter.  The bile is what turns your poop brown as it metabolizes.

Dr Oz: White Poop & Pancreatic Cancer

Doctor Oz said that if you have White Poop, especially if it floats, that could be a sign of Pancreatic Cancer or Pancreatitis.

Dr Oz: Black Poop & Upper GI System Bleeding

Dr Oz said that if you have Black Poop, it could be a sign that you have bleeding in your upper GI System.  However, do not panic, because other things like iron can also cause your poop to turn black.

Dr Oz: Prune Juice for Constipation

Doctor Oz was told by a lady in his audience that she has to push really hard to poop about 40% of the time.  Could it be dangerous to have to push hard to poop?  Dr Oz said that it is definitely a clue that something is not quite right.  The lining of your intestinal system and your anus is very soft, like the tissue on your lips, so you can tear this area easily.  Tears can hurt and bleed, and they can also cause Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissures.  He suggested trying prune juice if you find yourself being constipated, because it is a natural laxative.

Dr Oz: How Much Should You Pee?

Dr Oz said that one of the life-saving S’s of pee is “Size.”  The volume of pee you have everyday can tell you a lot about your health.  A normal person will pee about 4-8 times per day and they will pee a total of about 2 liters of urine.  If you do not pee enough, it could be a sign of Dehydration or Kidney Disease.  And if you pee too much, that could be a sign of a major medical problem like Diabetes.  Certain medications or eating a lot of spicy food can also make you pee more than normal.

Dr Oz: Pee Dipstick Test

Doctor Oz said that the next S-word for pee is smell.  If your pee smells very mild, then that is a good sign.  But if your urine smells like ammonia or is strong, pungent and “bites” at you, then it means you are dehydrated (especially if your pee is also dark in color).  And if your urine has a fruity smell to it, that could be a sign that you have Diabetes.  Another way to test for Diabetes is to do a Urine Dipstick Test where you dip a stick into your pee for about 5 seconds or so and swirl it around.  If the dipstick turns a bright red color, then you could have Diabetes.  If the dipstick turns a peachy / yellow color, then you are fine.  Dr Oz said that the strips only cost about 30 cents, so they are a worthwhile test you can do at home if you are concerned about Diabetes.


  1. debra ortizio says


  2. Beth says


  3. Mike says

    Since losing my gallbladder (I wish they had just removed the gallstones!) I have to go whenever a blast of cold hits me. More importantly, sometimes I crap liquid-like water, not solid , not diarrhea. I found that if I drink water with salt in it I can reproduce the water-like crap. What causes this? How can I avoid it?

  4. Sharri Hervert says

    are there any signs of stomach cancer we need to watch out for? I lost my precious Mother to that dreadful disease.

  5. nik says

    Ive been having poop issues for years,been told I have IBS and also blood work was positive for celiacs sprue…seems that Im scared to even eat out because Im not sure of wat will happen,ill pooop watery like ppop thats very yellow in color or tape like poo and the smells terrible…and Ive also noticed that it happens right after several bites of food…please help me with this,im short on answers,ty.

  6. J-li says

    I have celiac disease and before going gluten free I had horrible bowels and felt awful. If you tested positive for celiac sprue, you need to change your diet to gluten free.

  7. beth says

    what if you have yellow poop and your urine is a brighter yellow almost lime green in color. what does that mean?

  8. Emily21 says

    What does it mean if your poop is a really dark brown lije almost black and is really really soft not yet diarrhea

  9. says

    does water help me not get bubbles float a little in my pee?because i went to the bathroom this morning and little bubbles were floating and some were disolving.

  10. Louie says

    Should I be concerned or what does it mean when I wipe, on the toilet paper there’s little black specks that look like pepper and sometimes a couple of light red spots as well but mainly black specks. This has been going on now for a few weeks off and on, lately more on. Please help.

  11. Cynthia says

    I dont normally have a problem with pooping. But whatever I eat my poop is that color. why is that and is that a sign of anything

  12. shishir kumar says

    I always poop like mud and colour remains brown however. I,m feeling my metabolism is also not so good . I get my bowel clear in two times in half hour interval.

  13. Bradley says

    My urine looks like diarrhea today. This is not the first time this has happened. It is brown color with things floating in it. It smells very bad too. I’ve been having this problem for over a year now. I saw a doctor and he gave me antibiotics after testing the urine. That did reduce the problem but my urine continued to have some floating flakes in it and sometimes gas would come out. One time blood clots came out about the size of nickels. The next day it stopped before I could see a doctor.

  14. bradley says

    cont —- A few weeks ago I saw the doctor again on another matter but told him about the gas. He recommended me to a urologist and suggested a fistula? I don’t have insurance yet so I haven’t been able to get an appointment. I’ve been out of work for 5 years. Anyway, last week I started getting cramps. They were very sharp and I spent the better part of the following 5 days in bed. The cramps finally went about 95% away but today, when I went pee, it was once again the color of diarrhea (I am having diarrhea at this time too – same color). I’m trying to get insurance so that I can get medical treatment but in the meantime is there anything I can do??? Thank you…

  15. Anne O Neemouse says

    I just to over the stomach flu and now I have cloudy diarrhea- as in its a consistent brown color but it clouds all over the place. Bleh

  16. Pam says

    Loose watery poop almost every morning. Smells terrible floats with small bubbles. Sometimes my stomach hurts a lot worse after I go. I do have IBS but meds do not seem to be controlling it.

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