Dr Oz: Rhodiola Rosea, Moxibustion, Light Therapy & Himalayan Salt


Dr Oz Approved Product Hour

In this segment, Dr Oz gave viewers a special show that was three years in the making.  For the very first time, everything in this show was Oz tested and Oz approved.  Dr Oz revealed his seal of approval for several weight loss foods and remedies to your common problems.  Read on to get your secrets straight from Dr Oz!

Dr Oz: Moxibustion For Back Pain

Statistics show that most viewers watching this hour of Dr Oz have experienced back pain at some time or another.  After the common cold, back pain is the 2nd biggest reason people visit their doctor.


  1. Becky Peter says

    We have searched on lineand are unable to find anyone who carries rhodiola rosea chips. Can you help us find someone who actually carries it?

  2. jill says

    Looking for the rosea chips. Please let me know where to purchase them. I can’t seem to find them. Thanks!!

  3. Donna Hawley says

    Where do I find the moxibustion rub you used on 7/5 show, with plastic wrap & heating pad for 30 min. Lower back relief was the problem.

  4. Donna Hawley says

    Regarding the 7/5 show, mentioned was health food stores. I have tried several, they have no idea

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