Dr. Oz School Challenge: Overweight Teens- New Utrecht High School

Doctor Oz, along with Health Corps and Chiquita, have announced a Dr. Oz School Challenge to help overweight teenagers get healthy.  Dr. Oz found Health Corps to help educate students about health and their bodies.  Teen obesity is a national crisis in America.  Did you know that the number of overweight teenagers in America has tripled?  Dr. Oz’s Health Corps program takes college graduates and bring them back to high school to help encourage and teach high school students how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Jake Ross is the Health Corps member at New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, New York.

New Utrecht High School students come from 38 different ethnic groups and 88% of them go to college.  Jake said the trick to getting his high schoolers to be healthy is to make it hands on and to actually get down with the kids and do sit-ups and push-ups.  Dr. Oz and Jake picked the following 6 kids and put them on a special Dr. Oz School Challenge program for 2 months:

Dr. Oz’s School Challenge Teens from New Utrecht High School:

1.  Isaira, 17 Years Old

Isaira is a 17 year old girl who is the head of the cheerleading squad.  Isaira has senioritis, but her main goal is to fit into her prom dress that her mother is making for her.

2.  Christian, 15 Years Old

Christian is a 15 year old teenager from Mexico.

3.  Dariana, 17 Years Old

Dariana is a 17 year old girl who is addicted to fast foods, cakes, candies and junk foods.

4.  Yasmin

Yasmin comes from a large Arabic family and wants to lose weight by graduation.

5.  Anastasia, 17 Years Old

Anastasia is a 17 year old teenager from Trinidad who loves to dance.

6.  Carlos, 15 Years Old

Carlos is a 15 year old guy who plays football and is hoping to play baseball too.

Dr. Oz’s New Utrecht High School Report Card:

1.  Fruits and Vegetables

You should get 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day, but currently the 6 teenagers are getting less than 1 serving per day on average.

2.  Steps & Exercise

You should get 10,000 steps a day, and on average the teens are getting 6,338 steps per day.

3.  Average Waist Size

The group of 6 teens’ waists are 6.5″ too large on average.

4.  Weight

On average, the group of teenagers weigh 33% more than they should.

Dr. Oz’s School Challenge with Health Corps & Chiquita:

1.  Exercise

Each of the 6 students will use a Pedometer to make sure they are getting 10,000 steps a day.  Also, each student will exercise for 30 minutes after school in a group to make it more fun.

2.  Take The Breakfast Oath

Did you know that if you (or your child) skips breakfast, your performance at school will drop by 20%?  20% is a lot!  20% is the difference between getting an A and getting a C in school!  For some health breakfast options, try whole wheat toast and peanut butter or greek yogurt (which is low in sugar and will keep you full) plus fruit.

3.  Replace Cheeseburgers

Instead of eating cheeseburgers, remove the cheese and use a whole wheat bun.  Even better than that, try veggie burgers instead of regular burgers!  Or you can pack your lunch and have a multi-grain wrap plus a lean protein such as tuna, turkey or chicken.

4.  Snack Swap

Replace soda with flavored seltzer water.  Instead of potato chips, try whole grain pretzels.  You should also try healthy fruits and vegetables as snacks, like bananas (lots of potassium), apples (great for fiber) or carrots.  Chiquita now sells apple bites and carrot bites, which are individually wrapped fruit and veggies… how much easier can it get to carry around some healthy snacks!?!  Way to go Chiquita!!!

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