Dr Oz: Smart Snack Options & Should You Microwave Plastic Containers?


Dr Oz: Lesser Evil Healthy Snack Option

Dr. Oz has a challenge for you! Are you ready for the “Great American Kitchen Cleanout?” Dr. Oz wants you to clean out your kitchen and get rid of the food, and non-food, items that simply must go!

Dr Oz: Should You Microwave Plastic Dishes?

Have you ever heard of melamine? Melamine is often used to create plastic plates and cups like the ones you probably use in the summertime for your backyard barbecue. They are unbreakable, which makes them a good option for small children, but Dr. Oz warns that melamine particles can actually leach from the plastic onto your food, which then end up in your body. He said that while there is no clear evidence as to the long term effects, he definitely recommends removing melamine products from your kitchen or at the very least follow his guidelines:

  • Never microwave melamine
  • Do not use for hot/acidic food or drinks
  • Do not use for children

Dr Oz: BPA Health Risks

Do you have a drawer or kitchen cabinet that is overflowing with plastic storage containers? Do you often use them to store and reheat leftovers? If so, did you know they can pose a health risk because they might contain a chemical called BPA? The BPA can actually seep from the plastic and into our bodies, which could be dangerous, especially for children. Dr. Oz said his wife chastises him if he tries to put a plastic container in the microwave, and he agrees that it is not worth the risk to your family because the BPA can end up in their bodies.

  • Never microwave plastic containers
  • Never put plastic containers in the dishwasher
  • Let leftovers cool before using
  • Throw out misshapen/cracked containers

Dr Oz: Is Hydrogenated & Trans Fat the Same?

Dr Oz: Smart Snack Options & Should You Microwave Plastic Containers?

Dr Oz said to avoid foods that contain trans fats or anything “hydrogenated” because they increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.


  1. Tt says

    Watch the pyrex lids, I have found some with recycle #7 on them and now are made in China. I am in search of a non made in China glass lid product!!! Anchor and Hocking are made the same way. If the plastic lids are not marked with recycle #’s and made in China, I don’t trust them!!!

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